Biography of Giacomo Leopardi (1798-1837)

Italian writer, born in Recanati, brands, in 1798 and died in Naples in 1837.

Coming from a family of nobles, received the first education from his father and of ecclesiastical tutors, but soon continued studies on their own, in the rich library of his father, and learned by itself the Greek, Hebrew, and some modern languages. At the age of seventeen he/she possessed a great philological culture. He/She translated Greek and composed various works of scholars. He/She made a series of journeys through Italy, where he/she lived in different cities: Rome, Milan, Pisa, Bologna and Florence.

In 1817, he/she wrote his first poem, titled first love, where he/she expresses, conventionally, her feelings towards a premium. But it was the patriotic poem, to Italy (1818), which provided him with success. He/She later broke with this style and locked himself in his personal meditations. Highlights of his later compositions, singing night (1831) and the broom (1836). As for his work in prose, it comprises a volume of thoughts, the moral booklets (1827), sundries, written between 1817 and 1832, and letters. But the fame of Giacomo is essentially due to their songs, published between 1824 and 1835. Some consider it the first Italian poet after Dante.

He was a contributor to the spectator in Milan, the Rome literary events, and the anthology of Florence, and also left some scientific works.