Biography of Pierre Leroux (1798-1863)

Philosopher French economist. He was born in 1798 and died in 1863. Having lost his father, she was very young, he came out of the Polytechnic School, where he had obtained a square, and devoted himself to work bricklayer to support his mother and siblings. Then he learned the art of printer, and invented a device to compose. In 1824 he founded the Globe newspaper who was later organ of the sansimoniana school; separated after this school published several works in which developed a new philosophical system, founded in the triad, and that entailed a social reform, based on absolute equality. This system, although erroneous for various concepts, and criticized by opponents with illustrious bad faith, as all social systems that have appeared in the modern era, gave great popularity to its author, which after the publication of the independent magazine, the Explorer and social magazine, took part in the February revolution, he was imprisoned as complicated in the events of May 15, and was elected member of the constituent assemblies and legislative, appearing on the far left. After the coup d ' ├ętat of December 2, had to leave France; He went to England, and then retired to Jersey, where he settled with his family on a farm and was devoted to agricultural operations. His most notable writings are: the humanity; Of equality; Refutation of eclecticism; Social magazine, or peaceful resolution of the problem of the proletariat; Of a national religion; The current situation of society and the human spirit; The fixing of working hours; Project of a social and democratic Constitution; The plutocracy, or steering of the rich; The Christian and its democratic origin; Malthus and economists.