Biography of Richard Lester (1932-VVVV)

Director of British cinema, born in Philadelphia on January 19, 1932.

He studied psychology at the University of Pennsylvania, but soon he went to Britain to work in television. His sense of humour and nonsense is reflected in the vehicle for showcasing for the Beatles that night the from that day! (1964). Lester took the youth and mirth a British society too anchored in traditions. His following films continued with this trend, but the same youthful and carefree character who exalted him was that dethroned him after the time, due to a lack of understanding. With Petulia (1968), Lester changed his style, now providing an aesthetic and formal, like a tragic movie. The three Musketeers in 1974 it returned to its original, but much more mature humour and with more knowledge of the technique and the language of film. Lester, then renewed adventures with ironic and funny insight cinema, while he attended more to the experiences of the characters and the beauty of the story telling.

Some of his films are the Knack... and how to get it (1965), Help! (1965), the three Musketeers (1973), the four Musketeers (1974), Robin and Marian (1976), the first shots of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1979), Superman II (1981), the return of the three Musketeers (1989), Get Back (1991) or Superman II (2006).