Biography of Yves Leterme (1960-VVVV)

Belgian politician, born on October 6, 1960 in Wervik, province of West Flanders, Belgium. He/She took office as Prime Minister of his country on March 20, 2008, nine months after his election.

Son of a Walloon father and Flemish mother, spent his youth in the region of Ieper. He/She studied at the school of his village and after passing the baccalaureate in Humanities at the Colegio Saint Vincentius of Ypres, received multidisciplinary training in the Catholic University of Leuven, in which he/she graduated in law in 1981, and at the University of Ghent, where between 1983 and 1985 he/she obtained a degree in social sciences, Bachelor of law, and a second degree in Management Sciences. In 1984 he/she made a postgraduate diploma at the International Centre for European training (CIFE) in Nice.

Since 1985, and with its rich academic curriculum under the arm, Leterme began to exercise functions of Belgian politics as Parliamentary Assistant to the Deputy Paul Breyne and as Secretary of the section of the CVP in Ypres, whose youth was in the Chair for two years. In 1986 was inducted into the National Bureau of the youth wing of the party and step was recruited to the Cabinet of the Minister of foreign policy in the Region and the Flemish community. A year later began to work as auditor at the Court of accounts (Rekenhof, in Dutch, Cour des comptes, in French) of Belgium, and in 1988 was elected National Vice President of the youth popularcristianas and Chairman of the party in Ypres.Fue President of the Flanders region since 2004, after being elected in the June legislative. His party, the Christian-Democrat Flemish (CD & V) managed 30 of the 150 seats and he, as a candidate for the Senate, won 800,000 votes, which made him the most voted Belgian politician. Leterme, leader of the Flanders, was always considered a man of sober and practical, very popular in their region, although little appreciated at the other side of the linguistic border, despite being the son of a francophone.

Winner of elections in June 2007, took over the Government Headquarters months later of your choice and after extremely long and laborious, negotiations which, among other causes, in Leterme caused serious health problems. In February 2008 he/she was hospitalized for a gastrointestinal hemorrhage caused by a medication that took against pneumonia, what he/she did to stop the negotiations of the last few weeks, and began a series of five surgeries endoscopically. The King Belgian Alberto II commissioned him twice the formation of a coalition Government; After a first attempt that ended in failure, finally it was constituted on March 20, 2008.

The Prime Minister presented his resignation to King Alberto II, on July 14, 2008, a few hours before having to present its proposal for reform of the State; resignation which the monarch refused three days later. Then, back to present his resignation, together with his team of Government in December 2008, that it is accepted, but the King asked to remain in office until forming Cabinet that replaces it.

In November, taking charge of the Presidency of the EU Herman von Rompuy, Yves Leterme returned to take up his old post of Prime Minister.