Biography of George Lewis (1900-1968)

Jazz clarinetist born on July 13, 1900 in New Orleans, and died in the same city the day of new year's Eve 1968, attached to the dixieland sound.

Profession discharger of springs, their musical skirmishes in local combos were irregular during the first three decades of the century, until it was discovered by producers Frederick Ramsey and William Russell in 1942, coinciding with the brief revival of the "New Orleans" sound of those years. He/She began recording, and galas with Bunk Johnson in a somewhat irregular manner.

Their sound, with deep flavor of blues and considerable lyricism, had in a way of life where the pure tone and the accuracy of the compass had no sense, but that gave him a peculiar charm, very imitated by other clarinet players during the 1940s. In the long run, this technical limitation sentenced him nearly to oblivion a decade later, while up to the end of his days did not make endless and exhausting tours all over the world.

Among his most outstanding recordings include Trios and Bands, which shows a great imagination in the limited format contrabajo-banjo - clarinet, and Complete Blue Notes, recorded in 1955, where stands Deep Bayou Blues by the expressiveness and clarity of his melodic lines.