Biography of Jerry Lewis (1926-VVVV)

American actor and director born on March 16, 1926. His real name is Joseph Levitc. He was born in Newark, New Jersey, to a Jewish family of actors. At age 15 expelled you from school. His comic abilities manifested since childhood, and in 1942 he had a MIME show in the Paramount chain cinemas. In 1946, he worked at a club where, by mistake, was found one day on stage with Dean Martin, young melodic singer. Thus was born the Martin-Lewis duo, who became famous in the 1940s. They debuted in cinema in 1949, with My friend Irma. After several films together, Lewis preferred to work alone. The last film of the couple was crazy about Anita, in 1956. Solo from 1960 career is defined by independence: he was producer, director and performer of several films. The roles that played were a tender portrait of the "fool" becoming by one day the King; the role of ugly boy and not very clever plays him with a series of gestures that have made him famous: the guttural voice, thick glasses sunglasses falls on nose, staring, and an innocence and a dismissal which makes it fall to the ground as there are to its around. We have the example of this kind of character in Cinderella, in 1960.


Democrat convinced defender of the weak with tenderness and firmness, contrary to any kind of racism, his films reflect, with comedy, the contradictions and the hypocrisy of American society. Among his films as an actor include: Jumping Jacks (1952), a fresco in troubles (1955), the delicate delinquent (1957), I am the father and the mother (1958). And as a director: the bellboy (1960), the terror of the girls (1961), the Nutty Professor (1963), the jewels of the family (1965) or where is the front? (1970).


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