Biography of Zhen Dao Li (1926-VVVV)

Chinese physicist, born in Shanghai. He/She began his Bachelor's degree in China, but his studies were interrupted by the Japanese invasion. In 1946 he/she won a scholarship to study Astrophysics at Chicago. He/She subsequently made some research in Princeton and Columbia, where he/she was appointed Professor in 1956.

Showed, along with Yang, the contradiction of the principle of parity, traditionally respected by all atomic physicists until then, proving that such was not the case in the weak nuclear interaction. This discovery came to consider the study of nuclear disintegration b. both suggested putting up several experiments, so that in a short time the hypothesis was verified. In 1960, Lee and Yang proposed that a light neutral particle called neutrino and originated in the emission of electrons, was different from the neutrino associated with the issuance of muons. It was found the thesis mentioned with an experiment and published an article that also mentioned the existence of the W boson and character of heavy particle that converges the weak nuclear force. In addition, they investigated the presence of weak neutral currents, observed for the first time in 1973. For his research about the so-called parity laws, was awarded, along with Chen Ning Yang, the prize Nobel Prize for Physics in 1957. Thanks to its discovery it was much advanced in the field of elementary particles.