Biography of Hans Lippershey (ca.1570-ca.1619)

Flamenco itinerant comedian, who is credited with the invention of the telescope, born around 1570 in Wesel (currently German city) and died near 1619 in Middleburgh.

His name appears in the few documents that are also as Jan Lippershelm, Hans Lippershelm and Johan Lipperhey. I used to tour the European courts of the SEC 17TH with a show that included a magnifier image tube, called in Dutch trzpień ('Seer'), and offered it in 1608 the Dutch Government for use on the battlefield. The State granted a bonus of 900 florins and modified his device in binocular. These devices soon crossed national borders and became generalized throughout Europe. A French astronomer, Jacques Bovedere, said in letter to Galileo the possible applications of the Magnifier tube to the astronomical field, and in 1609 Galileo built his own astronomical telescopes without ever having seen Lippershey apparatus.