Biography of Yuri Liubímov (1917-VVVV)

Director of Russian Theatre, born in 1927. In Moscow Taganka square, founded in 1964, the famous theatre of the same name, where the representation of some works written by authors poorly chosen with the Soviet regime (such as Boris Pasternak) became possible. In 1984, Konstantin Chernienko, upset by a political statement of Liubimov, moved him from the direction of the Taganka, expelled him from the Communist Party and deprived of Soviet citizenship. Four years later, Mikhail Gorbachev rehabilitated him in front of the old theatre; However, Liubimov was not the Manager throughout its theatre, but only the oldest room.

They were the methods of interpretation experienced by Liubimov at the Taganka Theatre, for its innovative and imaginative, widespread during the years sixties and seventies.