Biography of Francisco Llorens Díaz (1874-1948)

Spanish painter, born in La Coruña in 1874 and died in Madrid in 1948. He studied commercial to fulfill the will of his father. But after finishing them, he moved to Madrid, where he studied in the Studio of Sorolla. In 1902 he got a scholarship to study in Rome, where he remained a year, then, by Benedito, fellow student, he made a trip to the North of Italy, Paris and Netherlands, where, in Bruges, resided for some time.

In 1913 he made opposition to chairs of trade schools. After a year in Barcelona, he moved to Madrid. In these years he taught in preparation for admission to architecture in their domicilio-estudio during the winter and in the summer moved to Galicia, where he painted many landscapes. The Civil War surprised him in Madrid; He moved with his family to Valencia, where he continued as teaching until, at the end of the war, it returned to its habitual residence.

His work responds to academic approaches that they follow the guidelines of a modernism dimmed with undulating landscapes, beaches, gardens and stately pazos.


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