Biography of Gina Lollobrigida (1927-VVVV)

Gina Lollobrigida.

Italian cinema actress, born 4 July 1927 in Subiaco (Italy). His real name was Luigina Lollobrigida.


Although its origins were humble, his inclination for the art world accompanied him from a young age. His father was a Carpenter, but got her daughter entered the school of fine arts in Rome, where he studied painting. Even during a season, he thought about the possibility of opera singer, but the economic situation of his family forced him to work in the world of the fotonovelas, which caused a real furor in European post-war Italy.

It possessed a rotund and powerful beauty the taste of broad social sectors, and in an era that in Italy there was a fondness to what were called the magioratas, women of generous chest, broad hips and eyes. Gina was within that group, but nonetheless it was exempt from an air of distinction.

It debuted in cinema with Eagle black (1946) by Riccardo Freda. A year later arises the miss Italy contest, being in third place (the winner was to Lucía Bosé). Little by little you will climbing positions, appearing starlet, and from there to roles of seductive girl and flirtatious. But its success occurs when the efficient French director Christian Jacques called to participate in Fan Fan the invincible (1951), an adventure movie in the truest sense of the word, which obtained an excellent reception. Next to it, in the main male role, Gerard Philippe, was one of the Heartthrobs and star par excellence of European cinema of those years. He was 29 years old when premiered the film, and she had 23. They composed an ideal partner in the imagination of a public that wanted to forget the disasters of war that still had not healed her wounds.

That same year had been called to Hollywood by the eccentric but intelligent Howard Hughes, who signed him a contract for ten years. However, after several months of waiting, Gina decided to return to Europe.

After the reception of the invincible Fan Fan, his consecration took place when rolled bread, love and fantasy (1952), by Luigi Comencini. This was a comedy that would leave a sequel. Lollobrigida was Pizzicarella, the head of crazy people, which brought in turn head to the head of the police of the locality, role assumed by a magnificent Vittorio de Sica. His image of erotic myth was linked to that girl, barefoot, exuberant figure, to which she brought an actress skills that helped make funnier your paper, which enjoyed great popularity.

The following were his best years. He shot some of his most important titles, among which include the most beautiful woman of the world (1955), Robert Z. Leonard, and our Lady of Paris (1956), Jean Delannoy and Anthony Quinn in the role of Quasimodo.

When the contract linking it to Hughes beat, Italian actress could consider retrying the American adventure. Before it had to be realistic: was an OK actress, who in certain types of roles could be very convincing and enjoyed sympathy among the public, but his best weapon was the opulent physicist and the sensuality of her beauty. That is why Americans thought in it, but for very specific roles.

Was the Queen in Solomon and the Queen of Sheba (1958), King Vidor, a film which had its own story: Salomon was initially to Tyrone Power, galan's recognized appeal; but Power died during filming and had to start almost everything, this time with Yul Brinner as Solomon, in a shooting that took place in Spain.

Naked before the world (1960), directed by Ronald McDougall, played a role that complied quite well with its possibilities. He was already 32 years old, and her beauty was gaining in wisdom what could lose in aggressiveness. Anyway, as has happened to many European actors (especially if they are not British), their possibilities in the world of Hollywood never came to materialize, despite what was expected of them. Buona sera, Mrs. Campbell (1968), by Melvin Frank, would be, however, his last international success.

1970s career they were at a stalemate. It worked, but his titles passed not the trivial. It was then that he began to engage in an activity which, in a way, linking with his younger days: he had studied painting, and over the years it became a photographer of great talent and sensitivity. Although your name and relations helped open doors, cannot be denied, in view of its exhibitions of photography, Gina have a finesse and intelligence that enable you to not only be an old glory of a time in which her beauty dazzled Europeans and Americans.

In 1992, during the universal exhibition of Seville (see Universal Exposition), Gina was one of the artists chosen by Italy to show their photographic work on the inside of their flag, and critics recognized that, although it was popular for film, photography was something that the woman who already exceeded sixty years dominated.

Gina has also made appearances on television as a special guest at a series of great popularity, as it has been the case of Falcon Crest. Broadway took a creditable performance in the rose tattoo by Tennessee Williams. His last film appearance was in the one hundred and one nights (1995), the French Director Agnes Varda. Today it is a particular cultural Ambassador of the Italian Republic.

He married twice, with Milko Skofic (1949-1968), and George Kaufman in 1969.


1946: L'elisire d'amore; Eagle black; Lucia de Lammermoor (uncredited). 1947: La danse de mort; A Man About the House; Il delitto Giovanni episcopo; A night of madness; Il don Giovanni segretto. 1948: i Pagliacci; Renunciation. 1949: miss Italy; The sposa non puo attendere. 1950: a Tale of Fice Cities; Dog's life; Alina; Cuori senza frontierre.1951: the legend of a voice; FanFan la Tulipe; The city is defended; Achtung, banditi; Love mon ho... pero, pero.1952: happened; Bread, love and fantasy; The provinciale; Dream women; The infedilli; Moglie per a notte; Cruzadas.1953 swords: the big game; The mockery of the diablo.1954: bread, love and jealousy; The romana.1955: the most beautiful woman of the mundo.1956: Notre Dame de Paris; Trapecio.1957: Ana de Brooklyn.1958: Salomon and the Queen of Sheba; The ley.1959: when boiling the sangre.1960: nude against the mundo.1961: when it comes to septiembre.1962: imperial Venus; Pension Italian; The beauty of hipolita.1963: paja.1964 woman: four dolls (episode). 1965: Yo, yo, yo... and others; Room for dos.1966: the sultans; The pleasures of the night; Hotel Paradiso.1967: morte has fatto l'ouvo; Cervantes.1968: Buona sera, Mrs. Campbell; Beer for all; A bellissimo novembre; Stuntman.1971: Bad River man; The adventures of Pinocho.1972: not found roses for my mother; Tiger jump; The dove volano the pallatole.1977: Widow completo Nest.1995: a hundred and one nights.

Works for television

1984: Falcon Crest.1985: Deceptions.