Biography of Jack London (1876-1916)

American novelist, whose real name was John Griffit London, although he/she is best known by her literary pseudonym of Jack London. He/She was born in San Francisco (1876) and died in Glen Ellen, California (1916). Adventurous spirit, exerted various trades: at age fifteen began in the world of piracy of oysters near San Francisco and subsequently devoted himself to capture seals in the vicinity of Japan; Slinky fisherman happened to enlist in the police of fishermen... Great Devourer of books of all kinds, eventually it was decided to write for make a living.

His novels of adventures, some inspired personal memories or inclusion of autobiographical episodes, obtained extraordinary global spread. It became one of the most famous writers, prolific and better paid. He/She wrote novels in different genres, from adventures such as the call of the jungle (1903), the sea lion (1904) or white Fang (1906), autobiographical novels, as the street (1907), Martín Eden (1909) and John Barleycorn (1913). He/She also made a work of political content as the heel of the iron (1908).A strange mixture of influences of Darwinism, Marxism and the ideas of Nietzsche on Superman can be seen in his novels. His stories have passionate and are passionate to numerous generations.Unable to overcome his constant maladjustment, aggravated by alcoholism, committed suicide at his California Ranch.

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