Biography of Miguel de los Santos López Baños y Monsalve (1789-1861)

Military Spanish born in Rueda (Valladolid) on 10 September 1789 and died in Carmona (Sevilla), on August 7, 1861.

Son of Francisco López baths, natural of Zamora, and María Monsalve, Rueda (Zamora), joined on March 12, 1793 as a cadet at the school of artillery in Segovia. He participated actively in the war of independence, falling prisoner in the action of Velez, of 13 January 1809. Agreed with the general in Chief, Gregorio de la Cuesta, he enlisted in the flags of the intruder (Joseph I), serving in the regiment number 2, and getting in the Escorial the leak than a thousand Spanish soldiers and officers sworn.On May 20, 1810 he is graduating from Colonel, and on 20 September reached employment of sergeant major and Lieutenant-Colonel in August 29, 1811. June 29, 1816 he was appointed first Commander of expeditionary Squadron.

He participated in the movement of irrigation, which earned him the promotion to field marshal. Designed in the so-called army of observation, it signs with irrigation and Arco-aguero representations of the August 11, 1820 the King and courts against the dissolution of the army. Public reply printed that nine of last may published in Seville the Lieutenant Colonel captain of artillery Don Antonio María Esparza (Puerto de Santa María, 1820), little controversy about the last uprising. But already in September 1820 it supported the Ministry's pages, thus marking its entry in moderation or in reaction simply.

Captain general of Navarre, in 1821, attended February 27 cited year to the patriotic gathering of Valladolid, at the time that surrendered him tribute. Already on 14 February the Fontana had rendered it is with music. Mason, speaks of it in September of 1821 as a member of a military triumvirate to settle differences between Masons and community members.

Minister of the Guerra, on August 5, 1822. At the time of the French invasion of 1823 arises the issue of his short talent. In October 1824 reached Tangier on a boat English, coming from Gibraltar. In February 1825, to the order of transfer to Larache of Spanish refugees, took refuge in the British Consulate, and in September of the same year went to London. He participated in the expedition of 1830 Vera. He refused to attend the meeting of Spaniards emigrated, convened in Paris on May 25, 1831, reserving the reasons.

Commander general of Santander, in 1835, Governor of Cádiz, in October 1835. To the revolutionary movement of 1836 it is surprising his rabidly government attitude, which had participated in the 1820. Live to see. Captain general of Puerto Rico, passed to Seville in 1840.

Grand Cross of San Fernando and San Hermenegildo, Honorary Counsellor of State, lieutenant general, June 1843, Senator of the realm, was sworn in on April 26, 1847. On July 27, 1853 was granted license to marry his niece Paula López López baths, daughter of Luis López Ramos, Arce and María of the Encarnación López baths and Monsalve, widow of Mariano de Mata and Maple.


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