Biography of Ignacio López Rayón (1773-1832)

Politician and leader of the Mexican independence, born in Tlalpujahua (1773) and died in Mexico (1832). He/She was Secretary of Hidalgo (1810) and participated in the battles of Monte de las Cruces, bridge Calderon and Aculco. When he/she died (1811) Hidalgo led the emancipatory struggle. It maintained the position on the Hill of the Coporo for several months against the siege of Iturbide and plain, but finally had to capitulate, and refusing to recognize the Board of capsule, it was handed over to the royalists. He/She was sentenced to death but the sentence was suspended, remaining in prison until 1820. Achieved independence, he/she held the positions of Treasurer in San Luis de Potosí, commanding general of Jalisco and President of the military court.