Biography of Antonio López Torres (1902-1987)

Painter and Spanish teacher. He was born in Tomelloso (Ciudad Real) in 1902 in the bosom of a wealthy family of farmers. It makes his artistic studies at the school of Arts and crafts in Ciudad Real where he entered in 1925. The following year he moved to Madrid to study at the school of fine arts of San Fernando with teachers such as Moreno Carbonero and Julio Romero de Torres. They were years of the generation of 27 and the triumph of the avant-garde.

Here it remained until 1931 when finished his studies with the title of Professor of drawing.

After a few short journeys, he returned to the middle where he was born, Tomelloso. There he continued his artistic career as a painter and was a professor at the school of Arts and crafts. In 1966 he returned to the capital of Spain, but now as a Professor of the school of Arts and crafts in Madrid where he remained until 1972. Antonio López Torres made important individual exhibitions at the circle of fine arts of Madrid in 1935 and 1975, in the Gallery macaroon Madrid 1959, at the Spanish Museum of contemporary art in this city in 1975. Also arose in numerous group shows including the national exhibitions of fine arts in Madrid in the years 1932, 1957 and 1970 and in others where it is protagonist realism in its different versions.

His style reflects the reality and everyday life of their manchego environment with many different subjects in which the portrait, still life, agricultural operations from their land and the landscape have a place. In all his works highlight the importance given to the representation of light in its most varied nuances, that light he discovered in Valencia where he made military service and cradle of painters like Sorolla y Pinazo. Its lively and loose brushstroke enhances color.

His work is distributed in numerous private collections as well as the Provincial Museum of fine arts in his region of Ciudad Real, Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando and the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia in Madrid.

Antonio López Torres.