Biography of Antonio Lotti (1666-1740)

Son of the maestro di cappella of the city of Hanover, Lotti studied in Venice with Legrenzi and, after a spell as a singer, held the position of second organist at San Marcos de Venecia (1682), first (1704) organist and choirmaster (1736). Its main activity, however, was the composer of opera. Married to the soprano Santa Stella, came to reside in Dresden to produce his works (1717-1720) at the request of the elector of Saxony. He/She left the opera by sacred music from his return to Italy, but despite that few of his works have survived (Achille placato, 1707;) Polidoro, 1714; Teofane, 1719...), its extraordinary fluidity and its melodic language were of great influence. Later, he/she composed numerous masses, oratorios (Giuditta, 1701;) Il ritorno di Tobia, 1723; Gionata, 1728), motets, Psalms and liturgical pieces, choral Chamber works, which employed the polyphonic style.

His work as a teacher was also of great importance. Among his students were Bassani, Galluppi, Gasparini and Alberti, and Marcello.


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