Biography of Thomas Martin. Lowry (???)

British chemist, born in 1874 and died in 1936, he studied the reactions between acids and bases. He introduced simultaneously and independently of Br√łnsted, definitions of acid and base, according to which an acid is any ion or molecule capable of producing a proton, while a base is any ion or molecule capable of accepting a proton (Bronsted-Lowry theory).

Lowry was the son of a Methodist Chaplain of Bradford (England). He was educated at the Central Technical College in London (later became part of Imperial College), where he was the Assistant of Henry Armstrong from 1896 until 1913. From 1904 until he moved to the Guy's Hospital of London in 1913, where he became director of the Department of chemistry was also responsible for Chemistry at the training college of Westminster. In 1920 he was appointed Professor of physical chemistry at the University of Cambridge.

As a physical chemist, he became interested in the optical activity of certain compounds. In 1898 he had described the phenomenon he called mutarotacion. He discovered that an optically active compound varied its rotary power over time. Later, during the 20 years of the 20th century confirmed experimentally that a relationship exists between the optical Rotary power of compounds and wavelength of the light that passes through them. In his work Optical Rotatory Power (1935) published a report of this aspect of his research. However, what gave you more celebrity is his theory of acids and bases made in 1923.