Biography of King of Uruk Lugalzagesi (2340-2316 a.C.)

(Lu-gal - za-ge-si) ENSI 'Governor' King of the third dynasty of Uruk and Umma. Of Lugalzagesi has become abundant documentation, both administrative and historical (a votive inscription of his coronation in Nippur), that has allowed to know the most important of her reign. He was son of Bubu, a priest of the goddess Nisaba, who had taken over the Government of Umma. Unless you know the facts in detail, Lugalzagesi attained control of Uruk, probably happening to Lugal-Kisal-Si. The title of "King of Uruk" was thereafter his main titulatura, rather than Lagash sources always allude to it as "ensi of Umma". After being recognized in Nippur as "King of country", his hostility to Lagash manifested of virulent, coinciding with the third year of the reign of Uruinimgina. This lagashita ensi tried unsuccessfully to avoid hostilities and in the end had to take refuge in Girsu, after having been looted its capital, Lagash. With Lugalzagesi, Sumer he met the first unification territorial, at least theoretical, as it can be seen from the existing documentation (especially the long inscription of the temple Ekur of Nippur). However, the King of Uruk was defeated along with its 50 Governors in its own capital by the cupbearer of Ur-Zababa (second King of the first dynasty of Kish), called Sargon, of Acadian origin. Lugalzagesi, loaded with a ring to the neck, was exposed to public shame against the Temple of Enlil in Nippur. Thus, Sargon wanted to prove that the God Enlil had rejected to Lugalzagesi as King.