Biography of Príncipe de Condé Luis II de Borbón (1621-1686)

French captain, known by the nickname of the great Earl. Son of Enrique II, Prince of Condé, and Carlota de Montmorency, was born in 1621 and died in 1686. It was known by the name of Duke of Enghien until the death of his father. It made its first weapons at the site of Arras and in the army of the Roussillon, to the orders of Turks. He/She received the command of the army of Flanders and Picardy, after which defeated the Spanish at the battle of Rocroi. Sent to the army of Germany (where he/she defeated Meru in several places), was then defeated in the siege of Lerida (1647), so he/she decided to return to Germany and defeat in the decisive battle of Lens, which ended the thirty years war. Later, he/she fought against Mazarin in the wars of la Fronda, reason why it was imprisoned in the Bastille.

Approximately around the same time he/she began secret negotiations with Spain, which allowed him to lift some troops that marched on Paris after winning the battle of Hocquincourt, but was defeated by the general Turena in the suburb of San Antonio. After serving in the Spanish army and enter in France under the peace of the Pyrenees, it did successfully campaign of the Franche-Comté (1667) and took part in the war in the Netherlands, defeating the Prince of Orange at Senef (1674). He/She replaced the general Turena in Selzbach (1675), forcing Montecuculli to again pass the Rhine. He/She then retired to the castle of Chantilly, where he/she died.