Biography of Federico Luppi (1935-VVVV)

Argentine actor, born in Ramallo, Buenos Aires province, in 1935. Coming from a family of Italian origin, he/she moved to La Plata in his youth to study painting and sculpture, but he/she preferred to devote himself to the world of theatre. He/She worked at trades more pilgrims to pay their child support while a future in the world of tables; styling After some time working in nightclubs, debuted in the theatre with the play has become an inspector, who opened the doors of other media such as film, radio or television.

Considered one of the best Argentine actors, his vast theatrical career highlights works Korchac and children, solitude for four, our weekend, Luv, the song of the Swan or the great deschave. His manifest opposition moved the political regime to emigrate to Spain, country in which worked a lot, especially between the years 1976 and 1981; However, international recognition came from his participation in Romance of Aniceto and Francisco, of the hand of Leonardo Fabio. Adolfo Aristarain has worked in the films time rematch, last days of the victim, a place in the world, the border, Martín (Hache) and common law.

Among the titles of his films that include time of revenge (1981), No more penalties there will be ni olvido (1983), the old music (1985), nobody will speak of us when we have dead (1995) and ecstasy (1996), the last two in Spain, with Agustín Díaz Yáñez and Mariano Barroso respectively.

In 2002, he/she shared center stage with countrymen Héctor Alterio and José Soriano on the last train, the Uruguayan director Diego Arsuaga. The work of the Director and the acting trio was recognized with two awards at the Valladolid International Film Festival. That same year and together with Mercedes Sampietro rolled commonplaces of filmmaker Adolfo Aristaráin. Again in Spain, and accompanied by actors of the stature of Manuel Alexandre, Victoria Abril and Ernesto Alterio, stood under the orders of Miguel Bardem to roll Incautos, fourth work of the Madrid director.

In 2005 he/she debuted as a Director with steps, a film about personal relationships at the time of the Spanish transition.


As an actor:

1967: The Romance of Aniceto and the Francisca, ABC of love. 1970: Chronicle of a lady. 1974: Patagonia rebelde.1981: time for revenge. 1982: Sweet silver, last days of the victim. 1983: There will be no more penalties or forget, the arreglo.1984: La Rosales.1985: the old musica.1986: hot Moon, death blanca.1987: Cudzoziemka (abroad), the year of the conejo.1990: Puerto Verde, a hundred times no debo.1991: tombs, my dear Tom Mix.1992: Cronos, a place in the mundo.1993: kill the abuelito.1995: nobody will speak of us when we've died, wild horses, the law of the border. 1996: Ecstasy, otono.1997 Sun: Men with Guns (gunmen), under the banner, Martín (Hache). 1998: border Sur.2002: common places; The last tren.2003: Incautos; The stone raft; The wind.

As director:

2005: Steps.