Biography of Maathorneferure (ca. 1256 a.C.)

(Maat-hr-nfrw-Ra or Ra-maat-Nfrw) Egyptian name of the Hittite Princess Naptera, eldest daughter of Khattusilis III and Pudu-Khepa, which was given as wife to the Pharaoh Rameses II. Thanks to a series of letters between Egypt and Hatti courts, all known previous to this marriage of State process, as well as some details of the arrival of the Hittite Princess to the city of Pi-Rameses. The event, which occurred in the 34th year of reign of the Pharaoh, was picked up in a great inscription (wake of marriage) which was recorded in the most important temples of the country. Maathorneferure was honored with the titles to other Egyptian wives, and his name was registered in the monuments of Pi-Rameses and figurative effigy in official statuary. After it was installed in the great harem of Miwer, near the Fayum, in the company of other official wives. Some time later, Rameses II contract marriage with another daughter of Khattusilis III - and, therefore, sister of Maathorneferure-, whose name and fate later ignored, although it has retained such event a second stele of marriage, in which the new Hittite Princess is known as "the other sister".