Biography of Madonna (1958-VVVV)

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Singer and actress born on August 16, 1958 in Bay City (Rochester, Michigan). Considered the most important "pop phenomenon" of the decades of the 1980s and 1990s, Madonna has been able to break any record in his career, as the only soloist who has occupied the top two positions of the lists of simple British. Used to be home of magazines, both specialized and general information, their musical successes and his appearances on the big screen they have run even scandals in which has been involved, although its musical production has gained solvency since its inception as a product for dance albums that has surrounded by excellent sound and production professionals.

He began working as a dancer until in 1978 he/she moved to New York, and appeared in the Pear Lang choreographer modern dance companies. Interested by dance-specific environments, in 1979 moved to Paris to join the Corps de ballet of the then popular singer Patrick Hernández.

Back to New York, he/she was alongside Dan Gilray Group The Breakfast Club, which came to be battery in the absence of someone who could do better. In 1982 he/she signed to Sire Records and his song "Everybody", the first of his career, was released to go virtually unnoticed. The same happened with the following two until the last, "Holiday", was produced by the well-known DJ John "Jellybean" Benítez: entered the top 20 North American in September 1983. That same month, with good reviews, he/she published his first album entitled Madonna. The First Album.

Madonna. Cover of the album "Like a virgin".

His big moment came in 1984: in November took out to the street the album Like A Virgin. The eponymous single, produced by Nile Rogers (who was leader of Chic), soon became his first number one, launching him as a star that his sex-symbol image had much significance. The international tour, which began in April 1985, had crossed 27 cities and had a total of almost three hundred and fifty thousand attendees. In addition, it participated also in festival Live Aid alongside the most important stars of the moment.

The next album of Madonna, True Blue, is best seller in twenty-five countries, with themes of success as "Papa Don't Preach" or "La Isla Bonita" (which became the number one of the English lists on four occasions, unprecedented circumstances that has not repeated), with his fame in ascension.

In this year also debuted in film as an actress in looking for A Susan desperately, with Rosanna Arquette, while the following year premiered Shangai Surprise, produced by George Harrison and in which Madonna plays the main role of the film along with its still husband in those moments: Sean Penn. In 1987 Who completo That Girl premieres: Although the film did not receive good reviews, the main theme of the soundtrack of the film got to be best seller in the United States, Japan and Europe. That same year he/she embarked on a big world tour took the same name that began in Japan and finished in Italy.

In 1989 he/she returned fully to the music with the album Like A Prayer, promoted with a video clip, in the view of conservative environments less irreverent and reason back scandal, aspect this expertly exploited by the company responsible for keeping alive the image of Madonna. In the 1990s, after starring alongside Warren Beatty film Dick Tracy and publish the compilation of his hits and some new topic (The Immaculate Collection), scandals, occurred with censorship in some countries of the video-clip of promotional song "Justify My Love" - by explicitly sexual content of his images, as well as interviews on television, or the edition of a bookSex (1992), pictures and content that provoked the indignation of American conservatives. These returned to public outrage at the documentary film Truth Or Dare (in bed with Madonna), filmed during his world tour The Blonde Ambition Tour.

In 1991 had renewed his contract with Warner for the not inconsiderable figure of 60 million dollars to edit the album Erotica (1992) and embark on a new international tour, under the name of "The girlie show". His albums Bedtime Stories (1994) and Something To Remember (compilation of ballads, edited in November 1995) show a somewhat calmer appearance, at least in his facet as a pop performer.

Something To Remember came to sell over six million copies before recording their next album, which would be the original soundtrack of the movie Evita. This album reaches number two in North American lists, but not calo enough in his followers, away clearly from his style. This took place in the year 1996, but, despite this, sold more than two million copies.

Madonna, mother of a daughter, changed their way of life and offered a more refined image in his appearances. In 1998 he/she was one of the best for the life of this singer, since it saw the birth of Ray Of Light, perhaps the most important disc of Madonna's extensive career. Without being a radical turn to his musical style, it got rave reviews from all media. Frozen was the first single, remixed by the British Stereo MC´s, which began a long list of successes. Then came the album, which debuted at number one in the United Kingdom and two in the United States; This was followed by the second single, Ray Of Light, which won awards for their video clip, and climbed to the top of the lists. On December 22, 2000 he/she married at the Scottish castle of Skibo the British filmmaker Guy Ritchie, Rocco's father, the second son of the singer.

In the forty-first edition of the premio Grammy singer and actress, who opened the ceremony with the performance of his song "Nothing Matters", won three awards, including best pop album for Ray of Light.

After presenting Music, his new work, the Queen of pop began in Barcelona on 9 July 2001 its new world tour, The Drowes World Tour; the fifth in his career. After the Sweet dream away (2002), a new incursion in the film under the direction of her husband, her tenth album of study, American life, went on sale worldwide in April 2003. That same year, Madonna returned to today with the launch of a series of books aimed at children and youth. The first volume, the English roses, is put on sale in 100 countries and 30 languages.

In 2004, he/she embarked on a new world tour that, with the name of re-invention, started in may in Los Angeles. The show involved 100 people, with twelve dancers and five musicians onstage. The tour ended in Lisbon, the night of September 14, 2004, city in which the singer of Rochester had to repeat concert before the demand for tickets. The show coincided with the recognition of its accession to the Kabbalah, the mystical Jewish par excellence, and his desire to change its name to the Esther.

In 2005 Madonna presented Confessions on a Dance Floor, a work in which returned to its roots, with music specifically designed for dance. Their first single, Hung up, that contained a "tribute" to ABBA and their Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (a man after midnight, was a resounding success, and the LP received excellent reviews around the world. Madonna, also abandoned the "serenity" of the latest albums and redid gala of an acid social criticism (even policy against Presidents of the United States and Great Britain) and a clearly provocative, palpable attitude especially in the mounts of the Confessions tour, which began in May 2006 and which included, among other scenes, a crucifixion of the own singer.

In October, the singer-songwriter announced her impending divorce from the English filmmaker Guy Ritchie. Her album Hard Candy, produced the same year, debuted at the top spot on the Billboard 200 list with 280,000 copies.

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