Biography of Raimundo de Madrazo y Garreta (1841-1920)

Spanish painter, son of the painter Federico de Madrazo and Kuntz, and grandson, therefore, the founder of the dynasty, don José de Madrazo, was born in Rome (Italy) and died in Versailles (France), city in which had been installed since 1860. It is, along with his brother Ricardo, the last representative of the pictorial dynasty of the Madrazo.

He studied with his father at the school of fine arts of San Fernando in Madrid, and after concluding in this Center, extended studies in Paris. After you instalares in Paris, made different trips, Spain (Madrid, Granada, Seville) as well as the Americas North and South.

At eighteen, conducted his first composition of large format and historical theme, true litmus test for any painter according to the artistic mindset of the time. It was such a work entitled translation of the body of Santiago. Carried out, otherwise a wide production of pictures of realistic style and bourgeois atmosphere that had very good market in the same years in which the novel was your main topic of the urban bourgeoisie. It also held pictures of gender. Some of his titles are the output of dance, women and del toro, Carnival party or girls in the window. As a portraitist, stands out in capturing female faces as the of the duchesses of Alba, Doña Rosario Falcó, and Santoña or model Aline Masson, of which several portraits are preserved in the Cason del Buen Retiro. He was a member of the Hispanic Society of New York and was in possession of the order of the Legion of Honor with the rank of Commander.