Biography of Yogui Maharishi Mahesh (1911-2008)

Hindu Yogi born in Madhya Pradesh State of central India, and deceased in Vlodrop, Holland, on February 5, 2008. The Maharishi, title which in Japanese means "great Seer", was the founder of transcendental meditation (MT) movement.

Son of a finance inspector, he/she graduated as a physicist in the Allahabad University, then working under the direction of the spiritual master Guru Dev (1869-1953), who taught a particular technique of meditation that Maharishi brought to the West in 1958. He/She was the founder of the movement of transcendental meditation, which conceived during a retreat in silence for two years in the Himalayas. This technique, known by the acronym of "MT", involves the repetition of a personal mantra that calms the mind and allows that practice finally achieved "transcendental", and refined States of consciousness that are the source of creativity. Maharishi describes seven levels of consciousness, of which the highest is the illuminated State. Also says that who practice transcendental meditation is able to develop paranormal abilities or siddhis. The underlying philosophy in transcendental meditation is the vedanta, although Maharishi says that the technique can be used regardless of any reference to the Hindu ideas. Transcendental meditation and organizations associated with it, such as the Maharishi Corporate Development International and the Maharishi International University, also proposes reducing world poverty, promote health and build world peace.

During the Decade of the sixties, the Maharishi became a popular figure, because of the relationship with the pop group The Beatles, interested in their meditation techniques. In 1992 his ideas enjoyed a major revitalization in Britain, thanks to the formation of the so-called Natural Law party.