Biography of Francisca de Aubigne Marquesa de Maintenon (1635-?)

Famous female in the history of France. Granddaughter of Abigne Agrippa, was born in 1635 in the prison of Niort, where his parents were Protestant former prisoners. He/She spent his early years in America and then returned to France, where he/she lived in extreme poverty; He/She embraced Calvinism and then returned to Catholicism; He/She married the poet Scarron, and having this died in 1660, requested and obtained through Madame de Montespan who continue the pension of her husband. It was later responsible for the education of the children of Luis XIV and Mme de Montespan; and in this position of trust he/she knew in such a way to win the affection of the King, who separated not only from his former beloved, but won him the land of Maintenon erected in marquisate, and came to dominate completely; Finally he/she married him secretly in 1684 or 1685. It exerted a disastrous influence on public affairs, attributing to it the persecution of the Jansenists and the reformed, who drove out the revocation of the edict of Nantes of France, as well as the ridiculous self-righteousness that introduced in court and the choice of Ministers and generals as incapable as Chamillart and Villeroy. After the death of Luis XIV, withdrew to the religious House of Saint-Cyr, who had founded in 1685, and there ended his days, after having excited violent hatred in the Court and among the people.