Biography of Enrico Malatesta (1853-1932)

Italian anarchist, who was born in Santa María Capua Vetere and died in Rome. Son of a wealthy family, after meeting Fanelli and Bakunin joined the anarchist ideology and became one of the leaders of the first international. He/She took part in the revolt of 1874 in Bologna and the Benevento in 1877, by which he/she was imprisoned. In 1878 he/she was released and went to his first exile. Ten years later he/she returned to Italy and founded the Questione Soziale, which continued to publish to move to Buenos Aires in 1885. He/She moved to London in 1889, lived for a short time in Spain, where he/she collaborated in the propagation of the anarchist idea, and again went to Italy in 1897, to join the peasant agitation; He/She was arrested and confined to the island of Lampedusa. In 1899 he/she escaped from captivity, and after a brief stay in the United States, settled back in London. In 1913 he/she returned to Italy and participated actively in the Red week (June 1914). He/She returned to exile in London and did not return to Italy until 1919. The rest of his life lived in Rome guarded by the fascist regime.