Biography of Yngwie Malmsteen (1963-VVVV)

Swedish guitarist born in Stockholm in 1963. Considered a virtuoso of the guitar, he/she has managed to unite to speed an exquisite technique, which adds a particular neoclassical style to understand music.

He grew up listening to Mozart and Bach, and when he/she was a teenager formed his first band which he/she called Powerhouse. Influenced by guitarists like Jimi Hendrix, Ritchie Blackmore or Eddie van Halen (see Van Halen), with fourteen years created the Group Rising, a tribute to Rainbow and his LP Rainbow Rising. After recording some demos for various stamps of Sweden, producer Mike Varney convinced him that he/she move his residence to Los Angeles, United States. Once there, he/she joined Ron Keel completo Steeler as a guitar soloist group and quickly recorded their first album, which was also the debut of the group. After this first work multitude of offers for joining bands as prestigious as Kiss, UFO or the Ozzy Osbourne Band reached him (see Ozzy Osbourne). After thinking so much he/she decided to joining Alcatrazz, the band created by the former lead singer of Rainbow, Grahan Bonnet. Debuted in 1984 with the LP No parole from rock 'n' roll, followed a year later by Disturbing the peace, recorded live during their Japanese tour.

The group disbanded after the release of this LP, and job postings returned to raining guitarist. The most interesting came from the hands of the label Polydor, which offered the possibility of launching solo. With the accompaniment of Jeff Scott Soto to the voice, Jens Johansson to keyboards and former drummer of Jethro Tull, Barriemore Barlow, produced himself and recorded in 1984 the LP that began an era, Rising force. His desire to have absolute control over everything that had to do with his music led him to make some changes in the group for the recording of his next LP. Anders Johansson entered in substitution of B. Barlow, and also bassist Marcel Jacob joined them. With this new formation recorded one year after Marching out, and for their next album, Trilogy, released in 1986, the singer j. S. Soto was replaced by Marc Boals, ex-vocalist of Ted Nugent. This LP is considered by many as the best in the career of Malmsteen, as the one who consecrated him definitively in the Olympus of the guitarists, due in part to his combination of speed and melody.

After an unfortunate accident that forced the group to stop for a year and half all its activities music, returned in 1988 with the Odyssey LP, with the voice of the newest member of the Group (former member of Rainbow), Joe Lynn Turner, acclaimed by the critics and the public. This was a little more commercial work, with the shortened to promote the songs guitar solos. Produced by Jeff Glixman, it peaked at number forty on the American LP charts and significantly increased the volume of fans of the guitarist. To take advantage of the pull of sales after the release of this album, was released quickly another live called Live in Leningrad, which, due to the speed of the recording and the shortage of time for editing, not really captured all the strength that the band was live.

J. L. Turner was then fired from the group by stealing her prominence to y. Malmsteen, and Swedish singer Goran Edman came to replace him. His next LP, Eclypse, produced in 1990, became his first commercial failure, paradoxically because that was considered too commercial, with very few solos and little imagination in composing. Fire & Ice, released in 1992, it took up part of the lost road and reached number one on the Japanese charts. He/She regained his style lost with No mercy, released in 1994, and in 1995 returned to give the best of itself, and also the worst, with magnum opus. A year later, he/she published a LP tribute to groups who had most inspired him. Was titled Inspirations and themes are found as "Child in time", Deep Purple; "Gates of Babylon", Rainbow; "Carry on wayward are", Kansas; and "Anthem" by Rush, among others.