Biography of Henry Mancini (1924-1994)

American composer born on April 16, 1924 in Cleveland, Ohio and died on June 14, 1994 in Los Angeles (California)

Born in an Italian-American family, his real name was Enrico Nicola Mancini. He received his first musical training at the Carnegie Institute of Technology in Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania), and subsequently moved to the Juilliard Graduate School of Music in New York, where he acquired skill as a composer. Despite the classical orientation of his studies, he was early inclined towards jazz, preference that could prove as a pianist in the Glenn Miller Orchestra, when it was led by Tex Beneke.

Mancini remained mentioned Orchestra since the end of World War II until 1952, date of their entry in the Music Department of the company Universal Pictures, where he completed numerous film scores. In 1958 Peter Gunn, directed composed the soundtrack for the TV series by Blake Edwards. This composition inspired by the jazz style of the large orchestras, captivated the audience and marked a new professional stage for the musician.

With Maverick spirit, Mancini joined his style elements of Latin music, rock and pop, to develop scores as notable as the thirst for evil (1958), by Orson Welles; Hatari! (1961), by Howard Hawks; and two on the road (1967), Stanleydonen. The film breakfast with diamonds (1961), Blake Edwards, provided two Oscar from the Academy of Hollywood, one by orchestral music and the other for his song "Moon River". A year later he would receive the same prize for his musical work in another film of Edwards, days of wine and roses.

The collaboration between Mancini and Edwards lasted over twenty feature films. One of the best known, the Pink Panther (1964), was a great success for the composer. Soundtrack became a bestseller and also originated an ambitious project: the film aftermath of said title came to join the extensive series of medium-length films and animated shorts that, inspired by the titles of the film credit, they came to the cinema and television. In all cases, it was the own Mancini who composed the music from arrangements of the famous theme.

Other Edwards projects, such as the great race (1965), Darling Lili (1969) or the musical Víctor or victory? (1982), consolidated Mancini fame in the field of film music. Extremely prolific author, also composed the tune of numerous TV serials, including Remington Steele and Hawthorn bird. His work was so intense that, years after dying of a cancer victim, continued to be premiering feature films with his music.


Compositions for cinema

1952: Back at the front; Has anybody seen my gal?; The raiders; Sally and Saint Anne; Lost in Alaska. 1953: The golden blade; It came from outer space; Law and order; Lone hand; Tumbleweed; East of Sumatra; All I desire; The veils of Bagdad; It happens every Thursday; Abbott and Costello go to Mars; The great sioux uprising. 1954: Bengal Brigade; Black Horse Canyon; Destry; Drums across the river; Fireman save my child; Four guns to the border; Johnny Dark; Ma and Pa Kettle at home; Ride Clear of Diablo; So this is Paris; This island Earth; The far country; Rails into Laramie; Border river; Francis joins the Wacs; Yankee Pasha; Saskatchewan; The woman and the Monster (additional music); The all american; Column South. 1955: Ain's Misbehavin''; Music and tears; Ma and Pa Kettle at Waikiki; The man from Bitter Ridge; The second greatest sex; Smoke signal; The sopoiler; The square jungle; Tarantula; The private wholesale Benson war; To hell and back; Abbott and Costello meet the Mummy; One desire; Foxfire; Revenge of the creature; Six bridges to cross; Abbott and Costello meet the Keystone Kops (together with Miklós Rózsa). 1956: The creature walks among us; A day of fury; Francis in the haunted house; The great man; The kettles in the Ozarks; Rock, pretty baby; Showdown at Abilene; The toy tiger; Behind the high wall; Outside the law; Everything but the truth; The unguarded moment; World in my corner. 1957: The deadly mantis; Joe Butterfly; Joe Dakota; The kettles on old MacDonald's farm; the land unknown; The monolith monsters; The tanished angels; Man afraid; Slaughter on tenth avenue; The night runner; Mister Cory; Kelly and me; The tattered dress; Istanbul. 1958: Girls on the loose; Live fast, die young; Monster on the campus; The restless years; Ride a croked trail; Step down to terror; The thing that couldn't die; The big beat; Summer love; Voice in the mirror; Flood tide; Damn citizen; The lady takes a flyer. 1959: Imitation of life. 1960: The great imposter; Operation Pacific. 1961: The second time around (song); Bachelor in paradise; Posse from hell; Breakfast at Tiffany's. 1962: La pantera rosa; Days of wine and roses; King Kong vs. Godzilla (musical themes for the North American version); Blackmail a woman; Mr. Hobbs takes a vacation; Hatari! 1963: New case of inspector Clouseau; The age of violence; Soldier in the rain; Charade. 1964: A cul-de-sac (song); Kitten with a whip; Suspense account; The killers (song); Pink pajamas; Ther pink phink; Bullet for a badman. 1965: Pink panzer; The pink tail fly; The race of the century; Pink ice; Pinkfinger; Shocking pink; Pickled pink; Sink pink; Dial 'P' for pink; We give pink stamps. 1966: Sicque! Sicque! Sicque!; The genie with the light pink fur; The Pique Poquette of Paris; Pink-A-Boo; APE Suzette; Cock-a-Doodle deux-deux; Smile pretty, say pink; The pink blueprint; Arabesque; Vitamin pink; Translate in Paris; Pink pistons; Cirrhosis of the Louvre; Pink Punch; Napoleon Blown-apart; Reaux, reaux, reaux your boat; Moment to moment; The Great De Gaulle Stone Operation; Bully foor pink; Reel pink; An ounce of pink. 1967: Gunn; Pink outs; The hand is pinker tha the eye; The shooting of Caribou Lou; Prefabricated pink; Congratulations! It's pink; Alone in the dark; Tour de farce; Canadian can can; Crow De Guerre; Pinto pink; Le Cop on le rocks; Escape le goat; Pink paradise; Jet pink; Le Bowser begger; You pig - to the patrol; Bomb voyage; In the pink; Pink of the litter; Le quiet squad; Two for the road; Pink posies; Sacre Bleu Cross; Pink panic; Pinknic; What did you do in the war, Daddy?; Toulouse the Trick; Rock-a - Bye Pinky; Unsafe and seine; That's no lady, that's Notre - Dame; Super Pink. 1968: Prehistoric pink; The pink pill; La Feet's defeat; Le Ball and Chain Gang; Pink Valiant; Le great Dane robbery; Twinkle, twinkle, little pink; Cherche le phantom; The pink quarterback; Lucky pink; GI Pink; Bear De Guerre; Put-Put pink; Come on in, the water's pink; The party; Transylvania mania; Les Miserobots; Psychedelic pink; Pinkadilly circus; London derriere; Sky blue pink. 1969: Gaily, Gaily; Me, Natalie; Extinct pink; Pink on the cob; In the pink of the night; Carte blanched; Slink pink; Think before you pink; Pierre and Cottage Cheese; Pink pest control; French Freud; Pink-A-Rella; Pink-Come tax; The pink package plot; Pink is a many splintered thing; Pink sphinx; Tickled pink; Little beaux pink; Pink in the clink. 1970: The night visitor; Breakwater; Hatred in the bowels; Darling Lili; The sunflowers. 1971: Invincible breed; Gong with the pink; Pink-In; The pink flea; Psst pink; Pink pranks; Pink Tuba Doré; Pink blue plate; A fly in the pink; The Hawaiians. 1972: Pink 8-Ball. 1973: Oklahoma, year 10; Visions of eight; The thief who came to dinner. 1974: 99 and 44 / 100% dead; The girl from Petrovka; The return of the Pink Panther; The white down; That's entertainment!; Trial of the lonesome pink; Pink aye. 1975: Pink campaign; The scarlet pinkernel; Keep our forest pink; Pink elephant; Forty pink winks; Pink plasma; Salmon pink; Pink streaker; Pink Da Vinci. 1976: Alex & the Gypsy; The Chicago Express; W.C. Fields and me; The Pink Panther strikes again; Rocky pink; Sherlock pink; Pink doodle; The pink piper; The pink pro; The pink of Arabee; Mystic pink; Bobolink pink; It's pink, but is it Mink? 1977: Angela; Therapeutic pink. 1978: Pink w pl.y VZ - Z; Star pink; Pink bananas; Pink-tails for two; Pink in the drink; Pet pink pebbles; Thje pink of Baghdad; Pink press; Revenge of the Pink Panther; Pinkologist; Yankee Doodle Pink; Pink and Shovel; Pink SWAT; CAT and the pinkstalk; Pink daddy; Pink lightning; Pink UFO; Dietetic pink; Sprinkle me pink; Pink lemonade; Pink trumpet; Pink arcade; Pink pictures; But who slays the great chefs?; House calls. 1979: The great Santini (lyrics); Nightwing; The quirky prisoner of Zenda; Pink suds; Doctor pink; 10, the perfect woman; Spark plug pink; Pink pull; Pink in the woods; String along in pink; Pink quackers; Toro pink; Pink breakfast. 1980: A change of seasons; Little Miss Marker; Supermarket pink. 1981: Back roads; Pink of Baghdad; Ooh mama; Condorman; S.O.B. 1982: Better late than never; The trail of the Pink Panther; Víctor or victory? 1983: My problems with women; Second thoughts; The curse of the Pink Panther. 1984: Harry and son. 1985: santa Claus; This is dance!; Life force. 1986: that's life!; A fine mess; Basil the great mouse detective. 1987: The glass menagerie; Blind date. 1988: murder in Beverly Hills; No hints. 1989: Mother, mother; Physical evidence; Welcome home. 1990: Ghost Dad. 1991: Switch; Married to it. 1992: Tom and Jerry. The film. 1993: A memory for Tino; The son of the Pink Panther. 1998: The odd couple II. 1999: Le Derrière.

Compositions for television

1958: Peter Gunn. 1959: Mr. Lucky. 1962: Man of the world. 1963: The Richard Boone Show. 1964: Carol for another Christmas. 1969: The Pink Panther show. 1971: Circus; The NBC Mystery Movie; CADE completo county; Curiosity shop. 1973: Columbo: A friend in deed; Columbo: The most dangerous match. 1975: Jacqueline Susann completo Once is not enough; Columbo: An exercise in fatality; The invisible man; The blue knight. 1976: Arthur Hailey's the Moneychangers; What's happening!; Charlie's Angels. 1977: Kingston: Confidential; Sanford arms. 1978: Funny business; A family upside down. 1979: The best place to be; Coed fever. 1980: The shadow box. 1982: Newhart; Remington Steele; Ripley's Believe it or not. 1983: Hotel; The thorn birds. 1987: If it's tuesday, it still must be Belgium; Murder by the book. 1988: Justin Case. 1989: Peter Gunn. 1990: Fear. 1991: Never forget. 1992: Julie. 1994: 100 years of the Hollywood western. 1995: Victor/Victoria (TV version of the Broadway musical comedy).


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