Biography of Manetón (ca. 241 a.C.)

(Manethos or Manethon) Egyptian priest and historian who lived in the time of Ptolemy I Soter and Ptolemy II Filadelfo, serving in the Temple of Heliopolis. The facts of his life, are ignored even though it is known that he/she was born at Sebennytos and that it knew the hieroglyphic characters. Several references in ancient authors, we have the titles of some of his works; These include the sacred book, the Epitome of physical doctrines and works on the festivals, on antiquity and piety and the manufacture of the Kyfti. However, his most famous work were the Aigyptiaka, book where collecting the history of the ancient Egypt in the form of dynasties. This work is known piecemeal excerpts which of them did Josephus (s. A.d.), Julio Africanus (s. III), Eusebio (s. III) and Jorge the monk, known as Syncello (s. VIII). Written in Greek, it presents to the Kings divided into 30 dynasties.