Biography of Charles Manson (1934-VVVV)

Murderous and disturbed mental American, born on November 11, 1934 in Cincinnati (Ohio), founder of a Satanic Cult that had its heyday in the 1960s and early 1970s.

His mother was a young maiden of sixteen who later married a man of advanced age, William Manson, who gave his name to the small Charles. Not much is known of his childhood and adolescence, but a cursory review of his record shows data that help to understand the personality of this man: before reaching the age of 12 had already been in several remand, convicted of car theft; at fourteen he/she lived alone and performed odd jobs - not too legal - to move forward and arriving in the 1920s was credited with several stays in prison, circumstances that were added, in the short space of two years, a marriage, a divorce and a child - he/she even came to be known.

During a long seclusion - no less than ten years – is dedicated to studying music and reading; his interest focuses on themes of witchcraft, hypnosis, black magic and occultism, until it finally ends up convinced that he/she is a being from another world, with a mission on earth meet, to which it has given special powers. After being released on March 21, 1967, he/she moved to San Francisco, is integrated into the Hippie movement, and for some time he/she survives with his songs. Soon realizes his enormous ability to proselytize, especially with women, so in his capacity as Envoy of the devil on Earth, he/she founded a Satanic Cult-"family" - and established its headquarters in a dilapidated Ranch, in which he/she and his "slaves" performed ritual ceremonies based on sex and drugs.

The night of August 9, 1969 (very significant date for the Americans) Manson joins his minions, makes them wear black clothes, puts several white and fire weapons in their hands, and ultimately convinces them that they have to take part in a bloody ceremony.

The group, imbued with faith in their leader and thirsting for blood, is aimed at a villa in Bel Air, owned by the marriage of actress Sharon Tate and Polish filmmaker Roman Polanski - who saved his life because he/she was travel - where took place a more fierce kills that are remembered in history. The cruelty that showed the bodies to be found surprised own forensic investigation of the case managers: the hostess, who is eight months pregnant, was naked, hanging down and so very mutilated mouth making difficult its identification; servant was found in stitched car stabbed to death, the friends who were visiting had been tortured to death and their bodies had a series of cuts in the form of a cross with a sharp object. On the other hand, the House was filled with bloody graffiti that read the word "pig" ('pig'), and were appearing scraps of fabric, ropes, hammers and other objects used in the "ceremony".

The night following, a few miles away, was murdered in the same way marriage La Bianca - bodies showed the same brands Cross and walls the same bloody inscriptions-which seemed to give the authorship of the crime to the same person. Although at that time the police could only arrest to members of the family on charges of car theft, justice was done in the end. One of the members of the depraved sect, Susan Atkins, who had been sent to prison for another murder, in a display of confidence, told the other inmates demonic rituals practiced at home of the Polanski and La Bianca, so Manson and his followers were arrested and imprisoned.

Following investigations made to reach, it was found that the reason for the demonic ceremonial had been Manson personal revenge against a producer who had refused to edit you a disc and believed that, erroneously, owner of the House in which lived the Polanski. In addition, other many sects of the same type in the area of California, clear proof of the pseudorreligiosa hysteria that shook the American population in those years were discovered. Anecdotally, it should be noted that, curiously, the own Polanski had completed few months before these events, the filming of the seed of the devil, the film echoed that of the enormous impact that had come into the satanic cults in the American mentality.