Biography of Salvador Manzanares Fernández (1788-1831)

Military and Spanish politician, born in Breturi, population belonging to the municipality of Yanguas (Soria), January 18, 1788 and died in 1831.

Son of Francisco of Sales Manzanares, physician riojano, and Magdalena Fernández Agueda, was prisoner in France during the war of independence, and met and addressed to the Marquis of Labrador. He obtained a license to marry María Mercedes de Gilleman June 16, 1816.Tradujo from French essay on military surveys of A. Allent, 1817 (2nd Edition, 1828), helps Van Halen in 1817. Processed by the Inquisition on date I have not been able to determine, it ran away to Lille in France.

Lieutenant Colonel and captain of sappers was appointed Professor of the establishment of the body in Alcala de Henares, from 1818 to 1821. He took part in preparation for the movement of 1820, acting together with the Lieutenant Colonel Zárate on his regiment of sappers of Alcalá and the de Ocaña. Again in Spain became Navarre in February 1820, in follow-up of Espoz y Mina, coming to Pamplona on 17 March 1820. Patriotic society of Pamplona, 1820. Lorencini, 1820. Lovers of the constitutional order, Madrid, 1820.

It seems that it was yeoman of Arco-aguero. According to Nicolás Escudero and Martínez, absolutist declaring against it at Alcalá on February 14, 1827, le was by mason, although it also adds that it was the Libertines who wanted to live without law, without King and without Religion, phrase that has more value that reveal the mentality of who uttered it. Secretary of the Board Assistant Engineers, created to understand in the draft constitutive act of the army, on February 20, 1821, in charge which must be purchased (the President was yellow).

Treasurer-general of the army of Catalonia, between 1822 and 1823. Political Chief of Valencia, from October 29 to November 2, 1822. Mirrow, Tracker of Patriots in Barcelona. One of the editors of the catalan indicator, Barcelona 1822-1823.

June 2, 1823 he was appointed Minister of the Interior of the Peninsula, until the end of the regime. Emigrated in Gibraltar, he joined Torrijos. In February 1831 he landed in front of 200 men and was interned by the serrania de Ronda. Failed, offered money to the brothers Juan and Diego Gil so help you reach Marbella, but betrayed him: killed Juan but Diego will kill it (other versions say that he committed suicide). His father was shot by the Carlist Villarreal in 1836, apparently by mason and have written a creed and a Salve liberal.


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