Biography of King of Babilonia Marduk-Shapik-Zeri-Mati (1081-1069 a.C.)

(Marduk-shapik-zeri or love.UD-DUB-KUL-KUR) seventh King of the fourth dynasty of Babylon (second Isin dynasty). Because of the Aramaean invasions, which had led to the end of his father (Marduk-Nadin-Ahhe) on the throne of Babylon, Marduk-Shapik-Zeri-Mati reached power. This King restored the prosperity of Babylon and rebuilt many buildings, fortifications and temples (walls of Babylon, Temple Ezida, etc.). Also known by the synchronous Chronicle, he/she entered into a Covenant of peace with Ashur-Bel-Kala, King of Assyria, who had also suffered the Aramaean invasions. The throne of Babylon was then occupied by an Aramaic of Babylonian name, Adad-Apla-Iddina, aided by the Assyrians.