Biography of Queen of Francia y de Navarra Margarita de Valois (1553-1615)

Queen of Navarre, daughter of Enrique II, and sister of Carlos IX and Enrique III, born in 1552 and died in 1615. He/She was famous for her beauty and her talent, as well as for his messy life. Enrique IV, married the Prince of BĂ©arn, then in 1572; This union, issued only for political reasons, was never consummated, but both Margaret and her husband lived always delivered to the disorders. He/She saved Henry of the massacre of St. Bartholomew, so it is said that it was on the verge of being poisoned by his mother, Catherine de Medicis. He/She lived after some years in Navarra, where her husband tolerated his scandals, unintentionally spreading it, despite the insinuations of his same brother-in-law Enrique III, hoping to get the throne of France for her. Once this happens, he/she proposed separation, which he/she agreed, stipulating only that Enrique would pay their debts. He/She retired to live in the castle of Uxon in Auvergne. In his later years he/she returned to Paris, where still distinguished by their dalliances, despite his advanced age. He/She was very fond of the letters and left a collection of poems and a very interesting memoir.