Biography of Emperatriz de Alemania Margarita Teresa de España (1651-1673)

Spanish Princess, Empress of Germany. He was born in Madrid in 1651 and died in Vienna in 1673. Daughter of King Felipe IV of Spain and Queen Mariana of Austria, second wife of the King and the same carnal premium. Margarita Teresa was Empress of Germany after her marriage with Leopold I of Habsburg.

To 1666 the party defending the interests of the Empire in the Court of the sovereign Felipe IV, which had as its visible head to the Duke of Medina de la Torre, negotiated the marriage of Margarita Teresa de España with Emperor Leopold. This negotiation was initiated on its own initiative of the Emperor, who sought an alliance between the Empire and the Spanish monarchy against France at the political level. This marriage was a complex family plot of the Spanish monarchy, since the older sister of Margarita Teresa, María Teresa of Austria, daughter of Felipe IV and Elisabeth of Bourbon, his first wife, was married to the King of France, Luis XIV.

Her marriage to the Emperor, who was his first wife, brought disastrous consequences in the future. This was due to that while Leopoldo I wanted his wife to renounce their rights to had not passed the throne of the Spanish monarchy to another family that was not that of the Habsburgs, when Felipe IV died, the King respected inheritance rights that her daughter had on the Spanish monarchy. These rights were also transmitted to the daughter of Leopoldo and María Teresa, María Antonia. This, that married Maximiliano Manuel, elector of Bavaria, conveyed these rights to the son of both Fernando José de Baviera, grandson of Margarita Teresa and grandson of Felipe IV. These rights were exercised by Fernando José on the death of the King of Spain Carlos II, brother of Margarita Teresa, in 1700, other rivals as Felipe of Anjou, which was King Felipe V, or Carlos of Austria, who was the son of the emperor himself, Leopoldo I and his second wife, Eleanor.


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