Biography of Queen of Francia María Antonieta de Lorena-Austria (1755-1793)

Queen of France, born on November 2, 1755. It was daughter of María Teresa and Francisco I, Emperor of Germany. He/She was baptized with the name of María Antonieta Josefa Juana de Lorraine-Austria. Led to France in 1770, Luis XVI was married to the dolphin, then, and when he/she became Queen after dead Luis XV, was handed over to all the lightness of his character, disregarding the laws of the label, and everything at the Court of France was called conveniences. Surrounded by supporters from the abuses of the old regime, and dominating her weak husband, it prevented all the reforms, which could slow down or made less dreadful effects of the revolution, and made him commit repeated failures. Became object of popular hatred, and was about to be killed by the town on October 6, 1791; then followed the Luis XVI to the Tuileries, then decided to undertake the ill-fated voyage of Varennes, after making you ask for help to the other powers, and directed in the Tuileries Palace preparations for defence from August 10. Then locked in the Temple with her family, he/she was transferred on 2 August 1793 to the Concierge. On 2 October he/she appeared before the revolutionary tribunal, where he/she fought back with nobility and dignity, being sentenced to death and executed in the Plaza of the revolution the 10th of this month.