Biography of María Luisa de Parma. Queen of España (1754-1819)

Queen of Spain, daughter of Felipe, Duke of Parma, born in 1754 and died on 2 January 1819. In 1765 he/she married Carlos, Prince of Asturias, who was then King with the name of Carlos IV, with forty years of age. When married to the Prince of Asturias had fourteen years and three more each party. The Chronicles, though before this there are discrepancies, that his messy life introduced in court the most licentious, and disorderly passion towards Godoy favourite made him fill him with honours and dignities, prepending all the notable men of Spain, and putting in their hands the fate of the country.

Did demonstrate a deadly hatred of his firstborn son, Fernando, by the opposition which made the favorite Godoy, in such a way that, after proclaimed him King as Fernando VII, and having been one of its first measures the prison of Godoy, María Luisa made all possible efforts so that the country falls into the power of Napoleon, and his son lost the Crown, to barter for the freedom of her lover, as verified. After these events, followed the fate of her husband, and went to spend his last days in Rome.