Biography of Sor María Rosa (?-1716)

Spanish religious of the seventeenth century, who was born in Madrid. His real name is Josefa de Leon and Ayala. He took the habit of the Capuchin order. Founder of the Capuchins of Lima. He left Madrid with other religious, but they were apprehended by the British and returned to Cadiz in 1710. They embarked for the second time in December 1711 and arrived in Buenos Aires in September 1712, where continued travel via Chile to the city of Santiago. They departed for Valparaiso 9 January 1713 arrived in Callao on February 2. Although a House of the order, Sor María Rosa was which sat the constitutions and rules and the new convent was called 'Jesus, María and José'. The 15 may 1713 began to be inhabited by the nuns of the order. It was Abbess until July 20, 1716, the day he resigned and died on 14 August of the same year in the city of Lima.

His writings include: relationship of the journey of the religious Capuchins who left the convent in Madrid to found Jesús María and Joseph in this city of Lima with the other events of the founding of the monastery.