Biography of Mariana de Austria. Queen of España (1634-1696)

Queen of Spain, daughter of the Emperor Fernando III and the Empress María de Austria, born in 1634 in Vienna and died in Madrid in May 16, 1696. He/She was promised with the son of Felipe IV, but this to death, was married to the father in 1649, on the death of the first wife, Elisabeth of Bourbon. The King died in 1665, and Mariana was in charge of the Regency of the Kingdom, since been son of the marriage, which would reign with the name of Carlos II, was still under age.

The Queen gave full powers to her confessor, father Nithard, who was holding the will of the Regent and got it removed power to the followers of the people, the bastard son of the King and the Calderona, Juan of Austria. It wasn't the Austria to react, and forced the Queen to banish religious, which was replaced by the suitor of Mariana, Fernando Valenzuela, who had reached the favour of the Queen in 1673, and held power until 1675, when Carlos II reached the age of majority; still continued in possession of the destinations of the Kingdom for two more years, when Juan José de Austria took power and confined to the Queen in Toledo, where he/she remained until his death, which took place in 1679.

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