Biography of Penny Marshall (1942-VVVV)

American film director, born in Brooklyn, New York on October 15, 1942, whose real name is Carole Penny Marsciarelli.


He studied psychology at the University of New Mexico. Sister of the also director Garry Marshall, Penny began as an actress on television in series such as The Odd Couple (1970) or Laverne and Shirley (1976), which was the series that would make her famous. It was precisely in television where he acquired experience as a Director of that same series and later on them give hit (1993), which a year earlier had released in the cinema.

In 1986 he directed his first feature film for the big screen. It was Jumpin' Jack Flash, starringWhoopi Goldberg, did not have any favourable impact on the box office or critical and brought to the Director one year of inactivity, during which had time to gestate their biggest hit to date. Big (1988), was going to be directed by Steven Spielbergat first, and the first actor which was thought to the role of a child who becomes man of the night, after asking a desire, was Harrison Ford, but finally it was Tom Hanks who gave life to the character, in a performance that earned him a nomination for the Oscar and a Golden Globe for best actor.

Looking for some sentimental sensationalism, Marshall directed Awakenings (1990), film based on the novel by Oliver Sacks. Robin Williams and Robert De Niro clashed in an interpretative duel with the support of side of luxury, as Max Von Sydow. Call melodrama took effect, but since then none of his titles regained the success of Big, although in his next film, they give the blow, you get Tom Hanks (whose character was slightly based on Jimmie Fox baseball player) to retort to the numerous female cast among which included Madonna and Geena Davis. The film was the story of a professional baseball league women which was founded in 1943, when the male staff had been recruited to participate in the war, and survived until 1954. The film, which debuted as a telefilm in United States provided him a nomination for the Golden Globes to Geena Davis, and another to the song performed by the own Madonna, "This Used To Be My Playground".

Also in a tone of comedy, a poet among recruits (1994) - produced by the same Director, as they give the beat-it was seen by some critics as a cross between the club of dead poets and the recruit Benjamin, starring Danny de Vito. The result was not very convincing, and nor was it his next title, women of the preacher (1996), whose major achievement was the soundtrack, the Oscar-nominated and with songs performed by the main character, Whitney Huston.

Penny Marshall director Rob Reiner married in 1971 and divorced in 1979. It was then when her acting career went into decline and decided to move to the address.


As Director:

1986: Jumpin' Jack Flash. 1988: Big. 1990: You Awakenings. 1992: They give the coup (and producer). 1994: A poet among recruits (and producer). 1996: the preacher's wife. 2000: Riding in Cars With Boys.

As a producer:

1993: calendar Girl. 1996: Getting Away With Murder. 1998: With Friends Like These. 1999: Live From Baghdad.

As actress:

1968: The Savage Seven: How Sweet It Is!. 1970: The Grasshopper. 1975: How Come Nobody's on Our Side?. 1979: 1941. 1985: Movers and Shakers. 1988: She's Having a Baby. 1991: The Hard Way. 1993: Hocus Pocus. 1995: Get Shorty. 1999: Special Delivery.

Works for television:

1970: The Odd Couple (series, actress); The Mary Tyler Moore Show (series, actress). 1971: The Feminist and the Fuzz. 1972: Wacky Zoo of Morgan City (actress); The Bob Newhart Show (series, actress); The Crooky Hearts (actress); The Couple Takes a Wife (actress); Banacek (series, episode: The Greatest Collection of Them All). 1974: Paul Sand in Friends and Lovers (series, actress); Happy Days (series, actress). 1975: Let completo Switch! 1976: Laverne & Shirley (series, Director and actress). 1978: Taxi (series, actress). 1979: More Than Friends. 1980: Bosom Buddies (series, actress). 1981: Laverne & Shirley (series, voice). 1982: Mork & Mindy / The Fonz Hour (series, voice). 1984: Love Thy Neighbour (actress). 1985: Challenge of A Lifetime. 1989: The Simpsons (series, voice). 1993: A League On Their Own (series, producer); The Odd Couple: Together Again (series, actress). 1999: Jackie completo Back! (actress).