Biography of Dean Martin (1917-1995)

Actor of cinema and American singer born on June 7, 1917 in Steubenville (Ohio) and died on December 25, 1995 in Beverly Hills (California). His real name was Dino Paul Crocetti.

Born from the marriage that Gaetano and Angela Crocetti, Dean Martin was raised in the environment of the Italian-American community, which explains its respect by the Italian musical heritage and its tendency to emphasize that galan's profile latino (latin lover) who arrived in caricature in his performances.

In the classrooms of the Grant Elementary School gave their first signs of talent, captivating residents in his hometown. This early fascination with the entertainment industry, and in particular rhythms like swing and jazz, justifies the stylistic trend of musical learning. In fact, he received drums kinds in the Group of boy scouts belonged. With that kind of training, his family wanted that you receive the principles of the Catholic religion, very linked to the identity of the Italian emigrants. Curiously, despite that respect for the traditions in which their parents and relatives instructed him, the young Martin largely despised the principle of authority and preferred to cultivate those shameless galan ways which then made it so popular in the cinema and the theatre. With this desire, he left studies before graduating and was devoted to the most various trades, including shoe shine and supermarket employee.

Despite his initial interest in obtaining money through conventional channels, soon began to make a living through occupations quite less Orthodox. Encouraged by some colleagues, decided to cultivate boxing, winning some awards in welterweight bouts. The pseudonym used by the future artist, "Kid Crochet", gives an idea of what was his pugilistic specialty. By that time, the 1929 crisis shook the foundations of the American economy with strength and quashed the chances of Martin in the world of sport. Liquor smuggling seemed then a lucrative enough, and dedicated himself to it for a certain period. Tweaking this so characteristic of the stages of crisis Picardy, young also was dedicated to the game of cards and bets. Naturally, poker games and other related practices used to frequent in the surroundings of the travelling fairs, whose tents were often true undercover casinos.

In 1934, in a casual way, Martin left one of these items to go on stage and sing a ballad. To the surprise of all the attendants, the young man showed splendid vocal qualities. Soon after, already captivated audiences all over Ohio as a singer, at the forefront of the Ernie McKay Band, a swing Orchestra formed in the image of bands like Benny Goodman. In 1940 the singer Dino Paul Crocetti adopted the stage name of Dean Martin, and on October 2, 1941 contracting together marriage with his girlfriend, Elizabeth Anne McDonald, who had four children, born between 1942 and 1948: Stephen, Claudia, Barbara and Deana. To this family happiness it came to add that professional good fortune that already did not abandon it until the end of his days. In September 1943 he signed an exclusive contract with the company MCA, brightening the Riobamba Room nights, a sophisticated New York dance hall where had also obtained a great success, Frank Sinatra. A year later began airing the radio program "Songs by Dean Martín", which served to popularize definitely the voice and image of the singer. Like Sinatra, Martin highlighted very clearly his temperament of crooner, term which comes to define that kind of vocalist who, accompanied by a full orchestra, interpreted in a very personal way romantic melodies and much more rhythmic songs.

At this time, the singer became friends with a young comic, Jerry Lewis, together who premiered a variety show in March 1946. The room where this premiere, the Havana-Madrid Club, managed by entrepreneur Ángel López, it was very soon became a popular focus, as the duo of Lewis and Martin was particularly effective when combining comedy and musical notes. Shortly thereafter, its success at the 500 Club, a room that was property of the Italo Skinny D'Amato, opened les the doors of many other theatres, and also the film. The truth is that its appeal was due largely to the ability of both to improvise, interspersed with lively dialogues with a great repertoire of songs.

In July 1946, hired by record label signature Diamond Records, Dean Martin recorded his first songs. Three years later, coincididendo with the marriage of the singer with his second wife, Jeanne Biegger, reached the audience the radio programme "The Martin and Lewis Show", broadcast by NBC. Films such as go par marine (1951), Hal Walker, and which pair of golfantes! (1953), by Norman Taurog, contributed to the fame of the duo. In addition to starring in feature films together diecises, Dean and Jerry presented one of the most successful programs in the history of American television, "The Colgate Comedy Hour", issued from the 17 July 1950.

Martin bond with Jeanne were born three sons between 1951 and 1956, the future artist Dino Paul Jr., Ricci James and Gina Caroline. As it already happened in their previous marriage, the singer adopted a sentimental strategy that almost defines the stereotype of courtship in the Italian style, captured with efficiency in a song that Capitol Records was recorded successfully by the label: "That completo de Amore". These years they coincided with their progressive alienation from Lewis, motivated by the way fatigue for the work in common. Their last joint action took place in the room New York Copacabana, on July 24, 1956. From this memorable performance, both resumed their solo careers.

While film Ten Thousand Bedrooms (1957) by Richard Thorpe, not Martin provided the expected success, his next feature film, the dance of the damned (1958) by Edward Dmytryk, earned praise from critics and a splendid reception at the box office. Confirming interpretative qualities that went beyond the comic register, starred in films such as Rio Bravo (1959), Howard Hawks, and the ambitious (1959), of Joseph Anthony. In the eleven gang (1960), by Lewis Milestone, shared head of Division with Frank Sinatra, Peter Lawford and Sammy Davis Jr., three of the main members of the group that came to be called the Rat Pack. In short, Sinatra, Martin and his companions managed to consolidate a set of friends, known for his fondness for worldly pleasures and also their unique live performances, during which improvised jokes and speeches, sang and even provided and smoking on stage, as if the show would actually consist see them grow their camaraderie. It was not alien to this link John Fitzgerald Kennedy, who enjoyed the friendship and support of all of them, enjoying his company until his political advisers recommended him to get away from the Rat Pack to avoid being involved in the speculation that linked Sinatra with the Mafia.

Certainly suspected Rat Pack friends were not the most appropriate for a politician. Martin had taken advantage of his knowledge of the game and bets to invest in several casinos, including The Sands in Las Vegas. He was also owner of a chain of Italian restaurants, the famous Dino's. By the time in which starring feature films as the third man woman (1961), by Daniel Mann; Three sergeants (1962), John Sturges; Toys in the attic (1963), George Roy Hill; and kiss me, fool (1964), by Billy Wilder; Martin left the Capitol Records company, and signed a new contract with Reprise Records. With the support of his comrades of the Rat Pack, he devoted himself to act successfully in different casinos and hotels in Las Vegas. In 1964 he demonstrated his musical scale with a great record win, Everybody Loves Somebody, and the following year reached again the television popularity with his programme "The Dean Martin Show", broadcast by NBC. It is worth mentioning that Martin was paid by each episode the highest salary in the history of American television. Around the same time, it reverted to succeed in the film the adventures of special agent Matt Helm, who played in titles such as Matt Helm, very special agent (1966), Henry Levin.

His third marriage, this time with Catherine Mae Hawn, lasted until 1976. Death in 1987 of his son, Dino Jr., embittered character, and only his former friends of the Rat Pack were able to give him encouragement. Your respiratory system severely damaged by cancer due to smoking, definitely collapsed on Christmas day of 1995.


Below is the discographic Repertory of Dean Martin, excluding anthologies and selections of greatest hits. Parentheses are indicated long-lasting (LP) records; other titles corresponding to topics in simple discs (singles) and average duration (epes).

1946: Which Way Did My Heart Go?; All Of Me; I Got The Sun In The Morning; The Sweetheart Of Sigma Chi.1947: Oh Marie; Walkin' My Baby Back Home; Santa Lucia; Hold Me; One Foot In Heaven; The Night Is Young And You're So Beautiful.1948: The Money Song (a Duet with Jerry Lewis); That Certain Party (a Duet with Jerry Lewis); Tarra Ta-Larra Ta-LAR; Once In Love With Amy; You Was (a duo with Peggy Lee). 1949: Just For Fun; My Own, My Only, My All; That Lucky Old Sun; Vieni; Have A Little Sympathy; Dreamy Old New England Moon; Three Wishes; My Own, My Only, My All; That Lucky Old Sun.1950: Rain; Zing - A Zing - A Zing Boom; I'm Gonna Paper All My Walls With Your Love Letters; Muskrat Ramble; I don't Care If The Sun Don't Shine t; Choo'n Gum; Be Honest With Me; I Still Get A Thrill; Baby, Obey Me; I'll Always Love You; Bye Bye Blackbird; Happy Feet; Wham! BAM! Thank You, Mam!; The Peddler completo Serenade; I'm In Love With You (a Duet with Margaret Whiting); Don't Rock The Boat Dear (a Duet with Margaret Whiting); If; I Love The Way You Say Goodnight; Tonda Wanda today; You And Your Beautiful Eyes; Who's Sorry Now?.1951: We Never Talk Much, We Just Sit Around (a Duet with Helen O'Connell); How D' already Like Your Eggs In The Morning? (a Duet with Helen O'Connell); Bonne Nuit (Goodnight); Luna Mezzo Mare; Go Go Go Go; AW C'mon; Hangin' Around With You; (Ma Come Bali) Bella Bimba; Meanderin'; Solitaire; I Ran All The Way Home; Blue Smoke (Kohu Auwahi); The Sailor's Polka; Never Before; As You Are; Until; My Heart Has Found A Home Now; How D' already Like Your Eggs In The Morning? (a Duet with Helen O'Connell); Never Before; Come Back To Sorrento.1952: Oh Marie; I'll Always Love You; Dean Martin Sings Who's Your Little Who-Zis! (LP); I'm Yours; This Was A 10 "I Feel Like A Song; With My Eyes Wide Open; Just One More Chance; Louise; I Feel Like A Feather In The Breeze; A Girl Named Mary And A Boy Named Bill; Who's Your Little Who-Zis!; When You're Smiling; All I Have To Give You; Won't You Surrender; Pretty As A Picture; I Passed Your House Tonight; Beth-I-Cha; You Belong To Me; Hominy Grits; I Know A Dream When I See One; Second Chance; Kiss; What Could Be More Beautiful; Little Did We Know; There's My Lover; Beth-I-Cha; Hominy Grits.1953: ' Til I Find You; Love Me, Love Me; Don't You Remember?; If I Could Sing Like Bing; That's Amore; The Christmas Blues; Hey Brother, Pour The Wine (LP); I'd Cry Like A Baby; Money Burns A Hole In My Pocket; That's What I Like.1954: Sway; The Peddlar Man (I have Loved); One More Time; Try Again; Open Up The Doghouse (a Duet with Nat King Cole); Long, Long Ago (a Duet with Nat King Cole); Belle From Barcelona; Confused; Young And Foolish (LP); Under The Bridges Of Paris; I'd Gladly Make The Same Mistake Again; Swingin' Down Yonder (LP, reissued with the title Dean Martin Southern Style); Waiting For The Robert e. Lee; When It's Sleepy Time Down South; Mississippi Mud; Carolina In The Morning; Way Down Yonder In New Orleans; Georgia On My Mind.1955: Chee Chee-Oo-Chee; Ridin' Into Love; Love Is All That Matters; Sympathetic; Relax-Ay - Voo (a Duet with Line Renaud); Two Sleepy People (a Duet with Line Renaud); In Napoli; I Like Them All; Change Of Heart; Memories Are Made Of This; Lady With The Big Umbrella; Innamorata (Sweetheart); Alabamy Bound; Dinah; Basin Street Blues; Is It True What They Say About Dixie? 1956: Standing On The Corner; Watching The World Go By; Street Of Love; I'm Gonna Steal You Away; Mississippi Dreamboat; The Test Of Time; The Look; Give Me A Sign; I Know I Can't Forget; Just Kiss Me; Captured; Man Who Plays The Mandolino; Bamboozled; I Never Had to Chance.1957: Only Trust Your Heart; I Can't Give You Anything But Love; Write To Me From Naples; Beau James; Promise Her Anything; The Tricche Tracche; Good Mornin' Life; Makin' Love Ukelele Style; Only Forever; Sleepy Time Gal; Maybe; I Don't Know Why (I Just Do); Pretty Baby (LP); You've Got Me Crying Again; Once In A While; The Object Of My Affection.1958: This Is Dean Martin (LP); Return To Me; Forgetting You; Angel Baby; Outa My Mind; Volare (Nel Blu, Dipinto Di Blu); Once Upon A Time (It Happened); The Magician; You Were Made For Love; It Takes So Long; My Rifle, My Pony And Me; Rio Bravo; Tu Sei Bella, Signorina; Return To Me; Sleep Warm (LP, reissued with the title Dean Martin Sings-Sinatra Conducts); Brahms' Lullaby.1959: You Can't Love ' Em All; On An Evening In Roma. I Ain t Gonna Lead This Life don't; (Love Is A) Career; Who Was That Lady?; Love Me, My Love; Professor! Professor!; Napoli; Sogni d'Oro; How Sweet It Is; Winter Romance (LP, reissued with the title Holiday Cheer); Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!; The Things We Did Last Summer; I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm; June In January; Canadian Sunset; Winter Wonderland; Out In The Cold Again; Baby It's Cold Outside; Rudolph The Red - Nosed Reindeer; White Christmas.1960: Just In Time; Buttercup Of Golden Hair; Humdinger; Ain Ain't That A Kick In The Head; Sparklin' Eyes; Giuggiola; Bells Are Ringing (LP); Better Than A Dream (a Duet with Judy Holiday); Just In Time (a Duet with Judy Holiday); This Time I'm Swingin' (LP, reissued with the title You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You); I Can't Believe That You're In Love With Me.1961: All In A Night completo Work; Bella Bella Bambina; The Story Of Life; Dino/Italian Love Songs (LP, reissued under the title Return To Me); Just Say I Love Her; Arrivederci Roma; Non Dimenticar; Return To Me (Ritorna A Me); Pardon (Perdoname); There's No Tomorrow (O Sole Mio); Cha Cha Cha d'amour (LP). 1962: Tik-A-Tee, Tik-A-Tay; Just Close Your Eyes; C'est if Bon; The Poor People Of Paris; Baby-O; Give me your love; In a Little Spanish Town; From The Bottom Of My Heart; Who's Got The Action?; From The Bottom Of My Heart; Me And My Shadow (a Duet with Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr.); Sam s Song (a Duet with Sammy Davis Jr.); Senza Fine; Who's Got The Action?; Ain't Gonna Try Anymore.1963: My Sugar completo Gone; Corrina Corrina; Via Veneto; Mamma Roma; Figue For Tinhorns (a Duet with Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby); The Oldest Established (a Duet with Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby); Grazie, Prego, Scusi; Bouquet Of Roses1964: Robin And The Seven Hoods (LP); Everybody Loves Somebody; A Little Voice; Door Is Still Open To My Heart; Every Minute, Every Hour; You're Nobody ' Till Somebody Loves You; You'll Always Be The One I Love; Send Me The Pillow You Dream On; I'll Be Seeing You; In The Chapel In The Moonlight.1965: (Remember Me) I'm The One Who; Born To Lose; Bumming Around; Houston; I Will; You're The Reason I'm In Love; Old Yellow Line.1966: Dean Martin Sings Songs From The Silencers (LP); Somewhere There's A Someone; The Old Clock On The Wall; Come Running Back; Shades; A Million And One; Nobody's Baby Again; It Just Happened That Way; I'm Not The Marrying Kind; (Open Up The Door) Let The Good Times In; A Marshmallow World; Blue Christmas; Five Card Stud (LP). 1967: Think About Me; Lay Some Happiness On Me; Wallpaper Roses; Little Ole Wine Drinker Me1968: You've Still Got A Place In My Heart; Not Enough Indians; That Old Time Feelin' '; April Again; Rainbows Are Back In Style; That's When I See The Blues (In Your Pretty Brown Eyes); Drowning In My Tears.1969: I Take A Lot Of Pride In What I Am; Crying Time; One Cup Of Happiness.1970: Down Home; Come On Down; For The Love Of A Woman; The Tracks Of My Tears; Here We Go Again; My Woman, My Woman, My Wife; Detroit City; Turn The World Around; Georgia Sunshine; For The Good Times; Raining In My Heart; She's A Little Bit Country; 1971: The Right Kind Of Woman; What's Yesterday; I Can Give You What You Want Now1972: You Made Me Love You; My love; Smile; Get On With Your Livin'; You're The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me; Free To Carry On.1983: Hangin' Around; My First Country Song; Drinking Champagne.1985: L.A. Is My Home; Drinking Champagne.1998: Night Train To Memphis.


1949: My friend Irma. 1950: At War with the Army; Screen Snapshots: Thirtieth Anniversary Special; My friend Irma goes West. 1951: Go couple of seafarers; That's My Boy. 1952: Bali Road; Jumping Jacks. 1953: Which pair of golfantes!; A legacy of fear; The crazy singer. 1954: Three Ring Circus; Living your life; Crazy rider. 1955: Artists and models; A fresco in a bind. 1956: crazy by Anita; Together the danger; Screen Snapshots: Hollywood, City of Stars. 1957: ten Thousand Bedrooms. 1958: As a torrent; The dance of the damned. 1959: The ambitious; Rio Bravo. 1960: Pepe; The eleven gang; Ringing; Who was that girl? 1961: The third man was female; All in one night. 1962: Something's Got to Give; Trap my husband; Two frescoes in distress; Three sergeants. 1963: Canzoni nel mondo; Tips to midnight; Four guys from Texas; Toys in the attic; Come Blow Your Horn. 1964: Kiss me, stupid; Four gangsters of Chicago; She and her husbands. 1965: Divorce the American; The four sons of Katie Elder. 1966: Agent Matt Helm, very special; Texas; The Silencers. 1967: The Ambushers; Movin' with Nancy; Night of the Titans. 1968: Rowan & Martin at the Movies; The poker of death; Bandit; How to Save a Marriage (And Ruin Your Life). 1969: The mansion of the seven pleasures. 1970: swing Out, Sweet Land; Airport. 1971: The first machine gun in the West. 1973: Friends to death. 1975: Challenge. 1981: Cannonball Follies. 1984: Los locos Cannonball II; Terror in the Aisles. 1985: this is dance! 1993: La classe américaine.