Biography of José o "Limeño" Martínez Ahumado (1936-VVVV)

Bullfighter Spanish, born in Sanlúcar de Barrameda (Cádiz) on September 19, 1936. On the planet of the bulls is known by his artistic nickname of "Limeño".

Amateur to the bulls since his early childhood, with just sixteen years of age is already announced on posters of chopped novilladas as hung in the square of his hometown on 10 August of 1952, the date on which arose before their countrymen accompanied by young bullfighters "Rails" and Manuel Gómez, to dispense among the three a closure from the blemish of don Antonio de la Cova. Already well performed in hard novilleril learning for those southern seats, one month before twenty years of age (specifically, the day 19 August 1956), the enthusiastic sanluqueño novillero arose in the modest Madrid plaza de Vista Alegre, where he/she left a good impression to the hobby capital after having fretted and estoqueado a lot of steers with the iron of the Duke of Osuna, in the presence of fellow poster Hilario Serrano and Juan Calero.

Despite such early and promising beginning, novilleril career underwent sharp ups and downs that not allowed her to appear in first place in the world until July 12, 1959, when, already close to the twenty-three years of age, he/she made the paseíllo in Las Ventas beside Adolfo Aparicio and José Álvarez, to confront two don Higinio Luis Severino steers sent to the slaughterhouse with an ear of less. This sound victory in the town and Court returned to project force career; and so, in the middle of the following season was found in position to give the most important step in the career of any applicant to figure of bullfighting: take the alternative.

So moving ceremony took place in Seville Real Maestranza sands on June 29, 1960, when that "Lima" was empowered by his godfather, the dexterous ecijano Jaime Ostos Carmona, to give stock to Granujillo, a horned livestock of Eusebia Galache from lidia and death. Completing that poster of illustrious Andalusian swords, made often witness the coletudo camero, Francisco Romero López ("Curro Romero"). From then on, "Limeño" undertook an interesting career marked by value and art, with a very particular style which, in the words of the critic Carlos Abella, can be understood, within the Cádiz school from the second half of the 20th century, as "a link between tough and pure art by Rafael Ortega and the honor and powerful value of his other countryman, Francisco Ruiz Miguel"."

It is surprising that these courageous and brave Bullfighter skills not found too much echo in Madrid, plaza used to reward with enthusiasm the great lidiadores; but, surprisingly, even more than, at the same time, José Martínez smoked triumphed in Seville as a specialist in the Lydia of cattle belonging to herds of the traditionally known as "hard", since the Seville public has always been more fond of the bullfighters of "art and fear". Perhaps he/she influenced exhibitions triumphs of "Lima" the fact of join accredited courage, that artistic sensitivity that not always accompanies the lidiadores used to be measured with these bulls; be that as it may, the truth is that the sword of Sanlúcar de Barrameda saw with Bulls marked with terrifying Miura iron at the fairs abrilenas 1961, 1962, 1965, 1968, 1970, 1974, and after a long professional career that extended already for twenty years, 1980, year in which, with forty-four years behindaccepted measure again with horned miurenos April 28. Along these confrontations with the pupils of the legendary cow of Lora del Rio, "Lima" was in his esporton a total of eleven appendices headphones - merit which can not boast many colleagues – with singular display of craft, skill, bravery and sensitivity in the afternoon of April 20, 1969 and on April 19, 1970, in each of which cut four ears.

Such triumphs were that developed him in one of the favorite bullfighters of the Seville fans at the end of the sixties and beginning of the next decade, that success continue denying in Madrid, where the chroniclers of the art of Cúchares barely remember discreet confirmation of alternative held on May 24, 1964with Francisco road Sánchez ("Paco Camino") as a witness and Diego Puerta Diánez as a godfather, who gave him the gadgets with which trasteó and despenó a burel servant in rangelands of don Antonio Peréz of San Fernando.

After having starred in the already aforementioned gesta faced once again with the Miura in Seville in the fair of April 1980, in the course of the season he/she decided to put an end to his professional career. To cut the queue, he/she chose the beautiful bullfighting in El Puerto de Santa María, where he/she made his last paseíllo accompanied by the jiennense Sebastián Palomo Martínez ("Palomo Linares") and the salunqueno Manuel Rodríguez Blanco ("the Mangui"), that that evening - in which cattle of don José Luis Osborne - were played received the alternative from the hands of their famous countryman. Subsequently, José Martínez smoked ("Lima") has followed linked to the world of bulls as bullfighters Andalusia agent and representative of the bullfighting business of French businessman Simon homes in southern Spain.

J. R. Fernández Cano.