Biography of Vicente Martínez de Espinel (1550-1624)

Spanish poet who was born in Ronda in 1550 and died in Madrid in January 4, 1624. He/She studied at Salamanca and was Squire of count Lemos. He/She served in the wars in Flanders, traveled through Italy and was imprisoned for a short time by the Pirates of Algiers; Once released, it became a part of Alejandro Farnesio army in Milan. It became known by writing some sacred chants. He/She lived in poverty until protected him the Bishop of Málaga don Francisco Pacheco, who is shown very grateful in all his works. Ordered priest and was chaplain to the Bishop of Madrid as teacher of music. To him is attributed the invention of the spinel or tenth, and added the fifth string to the Spanish guitar. The most important work of Espinel is novel picaresque, written in prose life of the escudero Marcos de Obregón, close to the picture of customs and social novel, autobiographical character. His poems were published in various rhymes, 1591. Other notable works include fire and rebato in Granada; The memory House, poem; translation of the Odes and the poetic art of Horacio.