Biography of Xosé M. Martínez Oca (1942-VVVV)

Spanish writer in the Galician language, born in La Estrada (Pontevedra). He/She is the author of an extensive narrative work characterized by naturalness and depth of its realism, deep and touching description of types and customs of the Galician world and growing debugging formal and expressive. His novels and books of short stories include black (1979), a year and a day (1980), fuxida (1980), sword na auga (1981), Os lostregos e to carballeir (1981), A chamada escura two caborcos (1981), Beiramar (1983), Os chapurros (1983), back do silence (1986), As forests do Manuena (1988), set in Africa, Roi e os seus amigos (1987), Os guilty (1994), winter (1994) journal and shipwrecked in terra: you love impossible (1995).


TARRÍO VARELA, a.: Humanities / literature galega: contribution to unha history review, 1994.