Biography of Yuli Mártov (1873-1923)

The name of this Russian politician was Yuli Ósipovich Tsederbaum Mártov, although it was called L. He/She was born in Constantinople in 1873 and died in Schömberg, Germany, in 1923. He/She was one of the creators of the Russian Social-Democratic Party and one of the founders of the newspaper Iskra (spark). Convinced of the need for first the political revolution according to the liberal bourgeoisie, opposed Lenin and encouraged the fraction menshevik in Congress in London in 1903. During the first world war led the Group of the "internationalist Mensheviks", hostile to the continuation of the war, and took part in the Zimmerwald Conference. After the victory of the Bolsheviks, he/she retired to Berlin, where he/she published the Socialist mail.