Biography of Banü Marwan (s. IX-X)

Descendant family of Marwan al - Yilliqi, muladi at the service of the Umayyads of Córdoba, that you was named Governor of Merida in the first half of the 9th century. His son Abd al-Rahman Ibn Marwan rose against Muhammad I in the 868, in front of a group of Mozarabs and converts. He/She suffered several defeats in Cordoba by the Emirs, but failed to reduce these ended recognizing him as Lord of Badajoz and the Algarve. Subsequently joined the Banu Khaldun in Seville, and together they fought against the emir Abd Alliah. These struggles resulted in the loss of Badajoz, which was occupied by a group of Berbers. Was succeeded by his son Abd Allah Ibn Muhammad, who managed to retrieve Badajoz; his son, Abd al - Rahman, gave this city to Abd al - Rahman III in 929.