Biography of Masaharta (ca. 1054-1045 a.C.)

(Msa-khrt) High priest of Amun at Thebes and Commander of the army, son of Pinedjem I, of the 21st dynasty, and Princess Henuttauy (before became you a son of the Princess Ishtemkheb I). Masaharta reached his high priestly office when her father, played by such occupation, became King, proclamation that coincided with the 16th year of the reign of Smendes. Just as his predecessor had done, Masaharta took care of the Royal mummies in Thebes in order to protect them from the profaners and thieves of graves; He also made small works in Karnak. By the fragment of a letter from El-Hibeh (fortress in the Egypt half, about 20 km south of Herakleopolis), it can be deducted that this character died perhaps because of an illness, around 1045 B.c., leaving, according to some Egyptologists, a daughter named Istemkheb II, who came to play important religious functions. Masaharta priestly office was first occupied by his brother called Djedkhonsuefankh and shortly after by his other brother Menkheperre, who remained in office 48 years. After the death of Masaharta, Thebes produced a revolt initiated by a local faction which wanted the independence of the city. This uprising was stifled by Menkheperre. Masaharta Mummy and its two sarcophagi of cedarwood with funeral-themed paintings were found in the "cache" of Deir el-Bahari in 1881. Today are in the Museum of Cairo.