Biography of James Mason (1909-1984)

James Mason


Film actor British born in Huddersville (Yorkshire) and died on July 27, 1984 in Lausanne (Switzerland).

Son of a prosperous merchant, James Neville Mason abandoned his studies of architecture in Cambridge to devote himself to the interpretation in the Dublin completo Gate Company Players and at the prestigious Old Vic in London under the guidance of Tyrone Guthrie and Alexander Korda. He debuted in cinema with Late Extra (1935), Alfred Parker, and soon became a familiar face of low-budget, calls productions quota quickies (in reference to the quota requires that a number of the films released in the United Kingdom are British productions). In 1941 he married Pamela Kellino.

He took part in a number of films and became a niche as a character actor, usually in villain with a sadistic and refined touch. In this record, he obtained his first two hits in perfidy (1945), of Leslie Arliss, and the seventh veil (1947) by Compton Bennet, where he made an extraordinary interpretation of the ruthless mentor of his niece pianist, considered by some as the best of his long career. Another of his great films of this early period was long is the night (1947), Carol Reed, in which played the Irish leader Johnny McQueen, chased by the police after a daring robbery.

Thanks to their successes in the British industry he was hired to work in the United States, where he made his debut with Caught (1949), MaxOphüls. His wide experience and his talent led him to interpret a great number of roles in Hollywood. They earlier works harder departed from image without losing any of its refinement and always bringing a touch of class and a voice feature and rich in nuances. However, he continued playing numerous characters cerebral and tortured. Among the best of his first American works highlighted Madame Bovary (1949), from Vincente Minnelli, in which played the author Gustave Flaubert, the prisoner of Zenda (1952), Richard clumsy, and Julio César (1953), by Joseph l. Mankiewicz, adaptation of Shakespeare's play in which played an excellent raw. He received Golden Globe and was nominated for the Oscar of the Academy best actor by was born a star (1954), Vincente Minnelli, in which Mason played the movie star decadence Norman Maine, discoverer and lover of the Vicky Lester Young, performed by Judy Garland in one of the greatest moments of his career. Halfway between melodrama and musical, the film was a remake of the classic has a star (1937), born of William a. Wellman, written by Dorothy Parker and starring Frederic March.

In the 1950s he debuted as a director with The Child (1954) and produced some of his films. One of the best was Bigger than life (1956), by Nicholas Ray, in which she played a man addicted to morphine as a result of the treatment of an accident. Mason participated in a large number of films throughout his career both in supporting roles and actors. Among their best interpretations of the starring highlighted with death on the heels (1959), by Alfred Hitchcock, in which embodied the evil Phillip Vandamm, tireless and refined Cary GrantTracker. Lolita (1962), Stanley Kubrick, one of the peaks of his career marked with their contained recreation of Professor Humbert, obsessed with the "nínfula" of the title, played by Sue Lyon in the adaptation of the Vladimir Nabokovclassic. In 1964 it separated from his first wife after a complicated and expensive process of divorce that led him to multiply its film business during the 1960s, which affected the quality of some of his works. He was nominated for the Oscar as best supporting Actor by the playful soltera (1966), from Silvio Narizzano, in which repeated the scheme of Lolita, this time with a young Lynn Redgrave as an object of desire.

In August 1971 he married his second wife, the actress Clarissa Kaye. During the 1970s he took part in numerous European productions of little interest, usually British co-productions. Cross of iron (1977), film directed by Sam Peckinpah, and heaven can wait (1978), American production directed by Herbert Ross and starring Warren Beatty, were some of his best films of this period. In 1981, he published his autobiography, Before I forget. He earned his third and last nomination to the Oscar, second as best secondary, final verdict (1984), by Sidney Lumet, which gave life a hard faced the protagonist lawyer, Paul Newman. Her last notable appearance on the big screen was in the Hunt (1985), Allan bridges.

In July 1984 he died at his home in Lausanne of a heart attack, continuing to the end with an acting career of more than fifty years that made him one of the actors in character more robust film industries, British and American.


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