Biography of Jules Emile Frédéric Massenet (1842-1912)

French composer. Started in music by his mother, he entered the Paris Conservatory in 1851. He won a first prize in piano in 1859 and the Grand Prize of Rome in 1863 with the cantata David Rizzio. He toured Italy, Germany, Austria and Hungary, where picked up themes he used later in his compositions. He made his debut at the Komische Oper with La Grand'Tante (1867), obtaining an incipient success with the opera Le Roi de Lahore (represented in 1877), in which the influence of Pêcheurs de Perles by Bizet manifests. Its scenic masters said years later with Manon (repres. in 1984), Werther (repres. in 1892) and Thais (repres. in 1894). In their titles Le Jongleur de Notre - Dame (repres. in 1902) and Therese (repres. 1907) shows a reflective character very different from the manifested in previous works. Although I life in opera titles, also devoted himself to instrumental music, whose debut was 1 Suite d'Orchestre (1865), as well as chapels, such as their scenic sacred drama Marie-Magdeleine (repres in 1873) and La terre promise (repres. in 1900). Between 1878 and 1896 was Professor of the Conservatoire, where were his disciples Charpentier, Rabaud, Koechlin, and Schmitt, among others, to got into a young French school.