Biography of Mariano Matamoros y Guridi (1770-1814)

Mexican insurgent priest, born in Mexico in 1770 and died in Morelia (Michoacan) in 1814. Bachelor of Arts and theology in 1789, when it declared the insurgent movement was priest in Jantetelco. After this incident, was decreed his capture as suspected of hosting and promoting independence ideas. When he/she managed to escape joined the troops of José María Morelos y Pavón in 1811, who appointed him as Colonel.

In 1812, he/she participated in the site of Cuautla and distinguished himself in the taking of Oaxaca, in June 1813, defeating realistic troops in Tonalá and San Agustín de el Palmar. On 23 December of that year, he/she attacked the city of Valladolid (today Morelia), where was defeated on 5 January 1814. He/She was made prisoner and shot a month later, despite the offer of Morelos Exchange it by 200 prisoners realistic.