Biography of Giacomo Matteotti (1885-1924)

Italian politician, who fought against fascism and harshly confronted the aspirations of Mussolini, Fratte Polesine (Veneto)-born in 1885 and died in Rome in 1924.

He entered politics as a reformist socialist, and joined the Italian Socialist Party in 1921. Hated by Mussolini, was an active promoter of worker cooperatives in rural areas. From Parliament, he/she warned about the dangers of fascist violence and criticized the fascist and dictatorial tendency of Mussolini when he/she came to power in 1922.

In a parliamentary speech in 1924 he/she proposed to cancel the seats of fascist members, and these, in retaliation, murdered him ten days later. Despite the protests of Democratic members, King VĂ­ctor Manuel III not deposed Mussolini and that crime remained unpunished.